Web Development on Linux

Many web developers are urged to use Linux for web development. They are habitual to manage free open source interface like Ubuntu. These developers are more forced to do the important task without using any tools that are made to develop a website. Some similar tools are available for Linux operating system that will be designed to develop the website. The installation steps are very easy to work on a Debian operating system. A good list is available for website designing tools that are made for Linux operating system. The most popular operating system named Apple’s OS X designed for Mac is liked by a web developer. In hardware, Linux runs on Apple hardware which is most important for the web developer.


1. Graphics tools.
2. HTML and Website Editors.
3. Macro processors.
4. Scripting tools.
5. Web application frameworks.
6. Web servers.
7. Hardcore programming.


The features offered by Linux are syntax highlighting, search & replace functions and support the multiple programming languages. Some necessary functionality can be covered that are well developed integrated development environments. The application named ‘nano’ is used to edit the files within the command line. The primary services to be offered are:

Inkscape: It is most famous open source vector editor. However, this tool is vital and packed having more features in comparison to Adobe Illustrator.

GIMP: It is an open source web designing tool and it is an excellent option for Adobe Photoshop. It is devoid of some features as well as requirements. It is a very outstanding feature of Photoshop. This image is used for image modification, depend on web designer skills.

Gedit: This application is very important for the tasks such as printing, reading and text editing quickly. It involves features like cut, copy, paste, settings fonts and colors, undo and redo, the software is embedded with some features of text editors.

Filezilla: It is an essential application which is useful for users who has to connect to servers through FTP communication protocol. This application runs on some platforms like OSX, Windows, and GNU/Linux.

PhpMyAdmin: It is an outstanding series of PHP scripts in browser base form platform that is used to handle MySQL server. This application is used to edit, create, delete and view the database records.

Virtual Box: It is more organized operating systems in necessary form. Through it, a user can run a system within another operating system such as Ubuntu on a Windows PC or Mac.


To explore a wide range of free development tools, that is able to work on Dreamweaver’s automation. Some important points to remember:

1. Netbeans: It is very light in weight. It is learning curve that has full IDE. Netbeans deliver tools that fulfill its requirements. This application support Java language which is very useful in making open-source projects.
2. Bluefish: It is a primary editor. It supports file editing which is robust and streamlined to support a majority of web development requirements. One important aspect is to use 30 to 45% memory in comparison to other editors.
3. Geany: This is an essential application which can run on Linux platform whether it will be KDE or Gnome desktops. It includes source order editor and compiler for more important applications.