Joomla has some extensions which play a significant role in extending Joomla sites functionality. Five types of extensions are available modules, components, templates, plugins, and languages. All of them are dedicated to perform a specific function. Among all of them, templates are considered as most important as they decide the layout, complete look of website.

It is usually said that the first impression is the last impression. Moreover, mostly this first impression of sites is developed through their attractive look, theme which is used in creating them. An attractive and good looking site always attract large no. of visitors and generate huge amount of traffic. Using good theme, perfect layout, attractive template is necessary to create a good site as this is the first and foremost need of every client. Same is with Joomla sites.

Joomla hosting templates state the website main and primary design. Overall look, layout of site, what kind of feel it is providing, how attractive & stylish it is, all is determined by templates.

Some Good Joomla Hosting Templates
  1. Campus Life- It offers all the required features which are needed for setting up an educational website of any university, college or school.
  2. JM Best Food Bar- A food template developed for best restaurant and bar services or considered as a good solution for blog written about cooking.
  3. WorldNews24- This template is meant to publish news of all types, gossips, individual/ business blogs, news, articles.
  4. Ol Tecal- It is a template having five columns with breadth of users choice. It is having two menu options mega and moo menu, having more than one color, a good background, choice in pattern with optional logo.
  5. Hot Aroma- It is created using HTML5/CSS3 code and received support of a powerful Joomla framework.
  6. Joomlage – Journey- It is a designer template capture attention of their audiences and create a good first impression. It offers a neat and clean layout and options of various styles to build a designer template.
  7. SJ VerityMag- A responsive Joomla template having large no. of in-house modules inspired to be a website for a global magazine or news having support of K2.
  8. Sunset Eclipse (Free)- A complete template having colour of text, links, background, images.
  9. Egyptian Architects- This template featured a slideshow having a logo at a fixed place highlighting the main images with logo.
  10. Menswear Antwerp- It is dedicated to fashion. It is a formal menswear style template having different positions for background, responsive designs and a good layout.
  11. Yoga Training (Free)- A template compatible with 3.x version having good text & creative images for logos and slogans, Side bar, HTML5 got support, good layout, etc.
  12. Electra Shop Joomla Template- A template dedicated to build e-commerce sites. It is designed in such a way that it offers a professional website for conducting transactions online.
  13. Mx_joomla132 (Free)- A RTL Template is having three languages Spanish, English, and Italian. It also has completely collapsible 68 Module positions.
  14. Shape5 BlogBox- It is a blog designed for publishing the content of bloggers, writers, authors & publishers and it laid more emphasis on articles which is large.
  15. Job Consultants (Free)- A Joomla template having customized colours, column width, gallery, newsletter and others.
  16. J51 – Fedora- In terms of structure, it is practical and functional and regarding design, it is rich and sleek.
  17. Td Anfora- It is formed using framework of Bootstrap, completely collapsible 65 module positions, and so many other options.
  18. Aylo- It is customizable and powerful responsive template compatible with 3.x version.
  19. Joomla-Scene- A neat and clean design template having a sidebar on a fixed position and background in full screen.
    Best Providers of Template
    As we have discussed about various Joomla Hosting templates so now it's the turn of Template providers. But again they are large in no. so which ones are best.
    Have a look on Some of the best template providers as stated by some facts and figures-
  20. Rocket Theme- Excellent features, good support, quality services all offered at low prices by Rocket theme.
  21. GavickPro- High quality, exceptional features, affordable prices, good support, overall a good provider.
  22. Electra Shop Joomla Template- A good service provider offers high-quality features and services at best possible prices to clients.
  23. Campus Life- It is counted in the list of exceptional service providers offering best quality services with full featured and great customer support at best prices.
  24. Hot Aroma- It is just best. Out of 10, it is the only template service provider which got 10 out of 10 points in terms of offering best quality, best features, best customer support, best prices.
  25. JM Best Food Bar- Quality, Support, features, prices all are satisfactory, and thus overall rating assigned to this provider is 9.0 out of 10.
  26. Ilan Theme- Customer Service is rendered in best way. Overall Support, features, quality it offers is just best and thereby deliver excellent client satisfaction.
  27. J51 – Fedora- A good template service provider provides clients with best customer support, customized features at best affordable prices.
  28. Joomlage – Journey- A Template Service provider dedicated to offer high quality, great customer service with full featured packages & great clients support at good prices.