There is a need for a strategy to invest in American research and technology to overcome future pandemics and scientific challenges. The success in a fight to keep America safe, healthy, and economically stable during the COVID-19 pandemic depends on science.

America is committed and has a long history of investment in basic research, world-class facilities, and an advanced STEM workforce. The country has produced breakthrough technologies and led the world in pioneering research and scientific discovery. It has the legacy to provide the vision and resources to maintain and lead the next generation of innovations. The country has a plan that is strategic, responsible, and realistic. The one positive outcome of COVID-19 is a revival of the nation's technological capabilities.

The American has a plan to reopen communities, support workers and small businesses, and restart and revitalize research. The American scientists and engineers have always answered the call during the COVID-19 crisis and immediately pivoted to apply their knowledge and resources to fight this virus. The world's best scientists worked to solve the world's biggest challenge.

Universities have devoted engineering departments to 3D print personal protective equipment (PPE), developed inexpensive ventilators and self-sterilizing equipment, and repurposed veterinary labs to process COVID-19 tests. To fight a common cause, the responsive federal science agencies used unique capabilities as diverse as the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

For innovation and economic growth, science, and technology required, which have cost associated with their work. During COVID-19, the research work of Universities, laboratories, and facilities has shuttered and needs a near-term priority.

Earlier this year, the Republican members of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee introduced H.R. 5685, the Securing American Leadership in Science and Technology Act. The legislation developed a national strategy for science and technology investment, double essential research funding over ten years, establish an American STEM workforce, and break down barriers to moving research from the lab to the private sector for commercialization. It also lays out a plan for modernizing research infrastructure.

The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) “Made in 2025” initiative outlines a strategy for becoming the global leader in future industries like artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and advanced manufacturing. Part of the CCP's strategy is acquiring U.S. technology and intellectual property, whether through investment or theft. Earlier this year, the National Science Board warned that China had surpassed America in total research and development spending for the first time.

Source - Press Release
Jun 9, 2020