A business website should have a straightforward UX inspiring and upbeat design, easy navigation, menu, clear headline, bright images, grand color scheme, slick typography, excellent & energetic video footage, lots of whitespaces, and much social proof. A well-presentable website includes various topics to educate, entertain or influence an audience to make buying decisions. Its goal gets furnished when it can transfer energy to its visitors. You don't need a lot of text to convince visitors; the website design, bold and eye-grabbing images, whitespace, professional look & features, background, and notable action buttons play an influential role. The developers recommend a smooth and modern interface, with a classy write-up for business websites.

Most businesses invest a lot of money and hire the best developers and designers to create a professional website. This strategy works best for a well-established company, but with SMBs or Startups, they would look for some cheaper solution. Instead of developing the website from scratch, the Small businesses would go with some platforms like WordPress with templates and plugins that can make their website look and feel with professional functionalities. Nowadays, CMS platforms drag & drop website builders can customize everything on a business website.

“First impression is the last impression.” A business website needs to make an excellent convincing impression in the first 5 seconds, as new visitors visit; otherwise, it leaves with increasing the website bounce rate. The website text excites the visitor hence a business website must avoid unnecessary fluff; furthermore, avoid too many calls to action buttons fighting to seek attention.

A professional, responsive website look adds to the business credibility and turns visitors to buy. A proper address, contact form, and contact information also enhance credibility. Most businesses give a separate mobile design to promote their speaking website.