Yes, what do you mean by user trusted shared SSL certificates? In order to understand the concept of this you first need to know what an SSL certificate is all about. A secure socket layer or SSL as it is popularly known as is an encryption code. In simple words, it can be explained as an encryption service that protects the data that is transferred from two machines while making some kind of a transaction or any other action.
Okay now, this user trust SSL or SSL certificate is very much like a key that you can purchase on placing an order. The next question that may be running in your mind is how does this help? Well in lay man’s words this is a protection that a business house needs to show that their site is safe and their business is genuine. Their customers will not be under threat when they disclose their personal information. Identity thefts and hackers are a big menace for those who use internet on a regular basis. This is why the stamp of an SSL is more than enough for people who have to deal with confidential data all the time.
In this regards a reference has to be made about shared SSL which does not use your domain and gets a lot of pop messages for this. This is however not at all recommended for e-commerce sites as their customers usually get apprehensive and intimidated when using such sites. This no doubt will result in loss of business for such sites. This is why private SSL has come into the picture. This uses specific domains and makes customers feel secured while making transactions.
This brings us to another discussion that of intranet SSL. There are many discussions going on about this particular encryption. Some believe that if you have an intranet site then there is no need of an SSL as the firewalls are capable enough of providing protection. Nonetheless, some are of the view that if the word is protection then it is better to have double of it and hence an intranet SSL is a good idea to invest in.
Look the point is all about keeping your data as well as the data of your customers protected. When people talk about protection a little room is left for experimentation. No one wants to risk their personal information and confidential data and an SSL certificate ensures that all of it is well protected in the best possible manners. This is why investing in one of these is a very good idea no matter what kind you opt for.


In a way, it has to be mentioned that user trusted shared comodo SSL certificates is a must for all business houses. No matter how small your line of business is or how big it is, you should always get one of these certificates to ensure safe exchange of data all through. This will only add to your online reputation and help you become a better brand in no time at all.