Services Offered

  • Big data analytics solution, Data Discovery: It collects, stores and analyze massive amounts of raw data produced by sensors, cameras, sales reports, social media campaigns. Hence, to obtain useful insights into their business.

The solution is available on a “pay-per-insight” pricing model.

Strategic Partners: Microsoft


Vice President & Global Head – Analytics: Pallab Deb

Target Customers: Industries such as banking and financial Services, retail, energy, education, and manufacturing.

What for Customers?

  • Provides capabilities to clients to build domain-specific business applications across industry.

Latest News

  • (August 07, 2017) The company brought Big data analytics solution, Data Discovery to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. The modules leverage to speed-up development. Also, it would reduce implementation time and initial cost drastically. The platform leverages Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite which includes HDInsight, Stream Analytics, Data Lake Analytics, Machine Learning and Power B to build analytical applications.