Web Application

Web applications is a distributed application that means they are programs which run on more than one computer and are able to communicate via a network or server. Mainly, web applications are accessed with a web browser. Web applications are popular because of the ease of using the browser as a user client. Web applications are used for online retail sales, webmail, weblogs, discussion boards, online banking and much more. One web application can be accessed and used by millions of people.

Like desktop applications, web applications are also made up of many parts, and it mainly contains mini-programs. In addition, web applications regularly require an additional markup or scripting language, like – HTML, CSS, or JavaScript programming language. Many applications use only the Java programming language, because of its versatility. A web application can be as simple as a page which just shows the current date and time or as complex as a set of pages on which you can look or book the most convenient hotels, flight or car rentals for your next vacation.


Java web applications mainly not run directly on the server. Java web applications mostly run inside a web container on the server. This container provides a runtime environment for Java web applications. The container itself runs in the Java Virtual Machine. In general, Java differentiates two containers: the web container and the Java EE container. A web container supports the performance of JavaServer Pages and Java servlets. Java EE container supports additional functionality like – distribution of server load. Most modern Java web frameworks are based on servlets. Nowadays the popular Java web frameworks are JavaServer Faces, GWT, Struts, and the Spring framework. These web frameworks mainly require a minimum web container.


Java web application is a collection of vibrant resources, like – JavaServer Pages, Servlets, Java classes and jars with static resources, like -HTML pages and pictures. A Java web application can be organized as a WAR (Web Archive) file. A WAR file is a zip file that contains the complete content of the corresponding web application.


You can find web applications everywhere on the Internet. Many of these web applications basically used in tally voting polls, process online forms, take orders within online stores or to display the user's login name. Java technologies are involved in creating various types of web applications. There are various tools which can save your time and make creative applications easier.


Java Programming is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages. It is a set of software programs which is used to develop a software application and deploy it in various computing environments. The most prominent feature of Java is that it is platform-independent at both the source and binary levels. Not only this, but writing network programs in Java is also quite easy. Java is mainly designed to make distributed computing a breeze.

Java language is used in an array of computing platforms, like – mobile phones, embedded devices, enterprise servers, and supercomputers. Nowadays there are lots of Java tools available in the market which helps to improve the efficiency of Java developers. So the developers become capable of designing products and Java applications with better functionality.