Cloud Hosting

Evolution is striving to reach for the stars and the evolutionary cloud computing sure takes computing at a new high or dare I say cloud No. 9. Cloud computing is based on the concept of “sharing”. In large companies where the hardware and software requirements are massive the costs required to buy these resources is very high. Imagine the need to buy software and their licenses for individual users!

Here is where cloud computing comes in handy as instead of an entire software suite a lone application (an interface or even a web browser) to connect to a handy cloud network is enough.

The cloud= (hardware + software + storage + service + interface) are delivered, henceforth nullifying the need to own these. Email is a good example of cloud computing as neither the software nor the storage exists on local computer, but on the cloud of the server’s computer. Another good example is of Google and Amazon which encapsulate there IT resources in the cloud, thereby eliminating the complex constraints of time, space, cost and power.

In cloud computing (also called utility computing) virtual servers are available across the internet.

A cloud system has a:

Front end: user sees (computer and application to access the cloud)

Back end: cloud section which does the processing and is a combination of the computer server and data storage systems.

Advantages of cloud computing.

  • Saving of space ,time ,power and cost(energy, people, hardware and capital)
  • IT support expenses are reduced
  • Timesharing
  • Any time any where access
  • Unlimited number of machines acts as one system.
  • No constraint between distance and device.
  • The servers RAM, processing power, storage capacity and bandwidth doesn’t limit productivity
  • End users don’t need to know about the employed technology.
  • No need for physical space to share servers and databases.
  • No need to buy software and software licences for every employee.
  • Execution of all programs a normal computer is capable of.
  • Works as an attractive opportunity to outsource IT services and everything can be considered as a service.

Safety measures while adopting cloud computing

  • Although most companies which offer cloud computing consider data security to be of paramount importance because nothing can be of more importance to them then there goodwill but still trustworthiness of the third parties which are handling the sensitive and confidential chunks of data may cause companies to be sceptical in cloud adoption. This can be reduced if the cloud service providers use firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus software’s and other security parameters to gain trust.
  • Also extra protection for highly sensitive data would gain costumer trust more. A good idea is to ask the cloud technology suppliers to give a copy of the security procedures installed to check that all required controls are in place and intact to handle this highly sensitive contract.
  •  Ensuring that the cloud computing provider has data logs which have records to who all has had access to data is crucial and moreover when that access has taken place..
  • Reading and understanding the privacy statements is a must do. You must know what measures you can take in case your privacy is breached or violated.
  • Also ensure that the company maintains integrity in context of not using your data for marketing activities or other related campaigns.
  • Physical security of the cloud computing data centres like back up power supplies ,several internet connections, multiple hard drives and them being theft proof by installing new age systems like biometrics is also vital.

There is a long list of service providers who provide cloud hosting services. While the experts believe that Amazon Web Services (AWS) tops the list, there are others like Rackspace Inc., CenturyLink/Savvis,, Verizon/Terremark, VMware, Bluelock, Citrix, Joyent and Microsoft who are making a mark. They have very capable and well trained staff and excellent data centre facilities.

So moving to cloud office will definitely let you concentrate all your energy and money in growing your business and improving your efficiency and it definitely makes good business sense.