There is an outstanding platform for web development on Windows based on Microsoft technology. In general terms, there is a type of open source work. If any user wants an online tutorial on any open source task on Windows PC, the user will face a lot of trouble in finding a peculiar platform. A web developer on Windows PC has a choice to design a UNIX-friendly atmosphere which is appropriate for open source platform. This option is very beneficial for PC having lot of RAM space. A user will establish an excellent VM for Linux and sufficient RAM for Windows. Many PCs does not have these resources are not compatible, resulting in a poor experience of a user.


1. Microsoft Edge.
2. Web Tools like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.
3. Open source framework.
4. Install to Azure, Mac or Linux, and Windows.
5. Mobile web apps.
6. Best code editor.
7. Excellent debugger.


The application named Cygwin has been present around the entire environment for a long period. According to Cygwin, it is a vast collection of open source and GNU tools that deliver functionality same as Linux distribution on Windows platform. On a DLL interface, it provides POSIX API functionality. Many scripting language interpreters have been transferred and have the version of Cygwin. The applications Python 2.7 and 3.4 have availability and also Ruby and Perl. These all are different types in comparison to Windows version of above languages. These languages will be compiled as UNIX tools. The frameworks used are Universal Windows 10 JavaScript Apps, Rails, and Ionic. The following points are:

The Server: The software WAMP can be directly used on machine. It stands for Windows Apache MySQL PHP server application. It can be quickly installed; fewer configurations is required, and projects are served in less time.

Domain: Each project runs in a subdirectory of localhost. The project will run on web root folder on a live server. This will take out the links such as “/images/” where the slash will redirect to the root folder.

Outside Access: If anybody wants to organize the network on server. The subdomain is structured to redirect the IP address. The user has to open ports on his router and make the firewall for this work.


Many web services are available in various environments. To replace notepad in Windows, the Notepad++ is my general text editor. The tool named WinSCP, which is used in filesystem of Linux servers in comparison to SFTP. It is visual drag-n-drop platform and PuTTY is the user’s remote console SSH tool. The environments of web development are considered as Python, PHP, Ruby, Libass and Node. The databases used are SQLite, MySQL, and Postgres. The servers are Puma, Webrick, BrowserSync, and Apache.

  1. Wrapping: The development machine is established to manage and create databases. New folders are designed, and projects are working with Sublime.
  2. Fresh Install: To install Windows 7 Pro and new tools, this application is frequently used.
  3. PHP 7.0: The PHP is pre-compiled for Windows. The binaries are available for 32-bit as well as the 64-bit operating system. The PHP developers run local Apache web server to build thread-safe platforms.