About Company

  • An ICANN-accredited domain name registrar
  • Web hosting company

Headquarters: Washington


Founder and CEO: Rob Monster

Epik is one of the most leading full-service ICANN-accredited domain name host and registrar. It provides full-time access to secure and robust domain name management platform. Most incorporated features are web design, web development, payment processing, domain financing, site builder, SSL Certificate and logo design. Hosting services such as VPS hosting, email hosting, and Dedicated Servers hosting embeds with this company. Company’s domain marketplace provides expiring domains, premium domains, bargain domains, registrar pending delete domains and expiring domains. It offers a state of art control panel allows clients to manage all domains across all registrars.

Epik Overview

Epik offers domain investors an alternative to domain parking by providing a series of value creation strategies since 2009. It unlocks the potential associated with an intuitive domain name. Today mostly parked domains don’t bring in enough revenue to cover their registration fees and are fully ignored by search engines. Main focus of the company is to provide an option to parking that makes the web work better and it outperforms parking. Company believes in developing a family of interrelated development platforms targeted at major use cases and enable to create high performing sites.

Epik: Reliability and Uptime Performance

Company provides superior hosting solution for domain owners who need to take more hands on approach to management and development of their domains. Their shared hosting platform is designed to provide quality, speed and reliability for professional web presence. They do not overload monitored servers. Every hosting plan comes with 99.08% uptime guarantee.

If server goes down then company quickly resolves the issue and servers are ready to run. Epik provides excellent customer support that always serves their users and delivers total satisfaction by achieving their goals.

Services Offered

  • VPN
  • Domain Name Marketplace: To buy and sell domains
  • Escrow services
  • Anonymous search engine

Hosting Plans

Company offers top class hosting packages for domain owners for management and development of their domains. Its shared hosting platform has been created to deliver reliability, quality and speed that user require for professional web presence. On top of this, every web hosting package gives 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Web host has introduced `Bronze Plan` especially for individual, `Silver plan` one of the most popular plan, `Gold Plan` that is fully customized and `Platinum Plan` which gives solid performance. These all plans come with features such as Bandwidth, FTP Accounts, Email Accounts, Domains, MySQL databases.

Epik: Features and Control Panel

Company uses wide range of development and documentation tools to get programming result. They allow team to satisfy all users through solving all issues and offer world class services. To satisfy customer needs, company provides ample number of sub domains, FTP accounts and unlimited email accounts. Their highly skilled in-house web design and engineering staff can help to get comprehensive website development application with content management. Customer gets generous amount of RAM, bandwidth and disk space along with great flexibility and easy to use control panel.

Company supports cPanel, industry leader for hosting management. cPanel is created to offer ease of use, security and flexibility for everyone to experience server administrators. It helps in managing and uploading web pages, creating email accounts, protects site`s content and bandwidth. Additionally, cPanel views and generates statistics about visitors and also helps reviewing error logs to locate broken links and other problems.

Epik Support

Epik provides the finest technical support in the industry due to their skilled and well experienced support team. Their excellent knowledgeable staff is the most helpful and available 24/7 to answer client`s questions and gives suggestions.


Company`s plans are slightly low rate and affordable. Plans are for all type of users with advanced tools and high tech support.


Its total hosting sites and domain transfers are less than other hosting sites.

Cancellation Policy

In case of any issue regarding technical support or speed, company will refund the amount within 14 days of the completion of purchase. User can submit refund request by email to support@, also by physical mail or by telephone number mentioned on the website. In all cases of refund, domain will be removed from client`s domain management account and returned to ownership by the company.


Overall, Epik`s domain name and asset management solution available is not the biggest player in the industry. However, company is cost effective, provides easy to use plans, scalable and offers advanced tools for domain investors to increase value of domain name investment.