Human Communication with Machines

The Internet is the answer for most of the questions, if anybody has query or doubt, he or she searches on the Internet. The Internet is the most knowledgeable system available with which people communicate especially Generation Z (born after 1996).

Digital Culture

Human Communication with MachinesAs per the survey by Dell, this tech-first mentality new generation who has grown with and use technology from their formal education level is now entering the workforce and would propel businesses further into the digital era. The technology attracts this new generation, and they wish to work with IT companies having cutting-edge technology, doing research and development. They want to gain knowledge, competency, and experience with technology and enhance soft tech skills.

Applications And Devices: Human Communication With Machines

The technology is inevitable in every business sector, as it brings the ability to understand consumers behavior, buying patterns and preferences. The big branded companies have already started using intelligent machines, which perform human-like tasks. These incredible machines can analyze and interpret big data and have stunning effects on business.

Personal Assistants

Siri and Cortana try to understand human request in natural language and fulfill them.

Amazon Alexa

Integrates recent advancements in Machine Learning (ML) and NLP (Natural Langauge Processing) into the product

Wearable Smart Devices

Smartwatch and FitBit read, store and analyze blood pressure, weight, exercise data, and sleep patterns.

IBM Watson’s Lucy

Marketers use it for research, segmentation, and planning. The Lucy absorbs all company data or has commissioned or licensed, and then it answers questions, no matter how complex. The content mix, competitors, customers preferences, target audiences or even making effective strategies, Lucy answer all.

Chatbots – Must have for retailers

Applied in the context of customer experience and support. They communicate like humans and understand the language. M&S, Lidl and eBay have developed AI-powered chatbots.

Google Duplex

To carry out real word tasks over the phone using the AI. It imitates the natural language of a human

However, still, lot more improvement required in them, as humans speak in colloquialisms and abbreviations and subtle nuances in tone can take several different meanings. Even if the computer fed with every work, it cannot necessarily account for every possible combination.


World’s largest neuromorphic supercomputer ‘SpiNNaker (Spiking Neural Network Architecture )’ designed and built in the University of Manchester, the United Kingdom to work like Human Brain. Fitted with a million processor core, 100 million transistors on its every chip. It can do more than 200 million actions per second. The machines help neuroscientists to understand the functioning of the brain better and can be used in robotics to interpret real-time visual information and navigation of certain objects while ignoring others.