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Secure Image Hosting

The two terms ‘Security' and ‘Reliability' are connected to each other. If things are not safe and secure, they cannot be trusted by anyone, reflects they are unreliable. To ensure reliability, security is essential. Moreover, the same concept is followed everywhere. So, with Image hosting too. When an image or picture is hosted, it needs a safe and secure platform to ensure its secure hosting. However, most of us do not know how we can host secure images.
So, after reading this article, one will surely know how secure image hosting takes place.

How to Host Secure Images for PayPal Custom Page Styles

In hosting secure images, PayPal plays a vital role. PayPal is a simple and easy to use way for collecting the money via online. When the user moved to the website of PayPal, they found that there is a checkout form which not seems to be very good, and thus it is suggested to customize the same. However, here our main focus is on how to obtain a safe and secure version of an image.
PayPal has a Custom Page Styles creator, which helps in knowing whether pages contain any unsafe or insecure item or image. If a server is not secure and you are trying to host an image on the same, a pop-up message will be displayed on users web browser stating that the page has insecure items, and it prevents users from completing the transaction by scaring them like this. Now how images will be hosted on a safe and secure site secured by SSL Certificate.

Dropbox for hosting Secure Images for PayPal Custom Page Styles

Dropbox, a service offered for free used for storing the files online, for backup of specific files on the user's computer to access them from any location, as desired. It includes sharing of those files among the public.

How Dropbox is used to host secure images.

To answer the above, follow the simple steps:

  1. First of all, a user is required to sign up for a Dropbox account. Till data storage of 2GB, it is free of cost and after that user is required to pay for it. To use the same, download the program to the users computer.
    Dropbox has several uses other than hosting secure images on PayPal. After using the same, if users do not want the same on his machine, it can also be deleted.
  2. When the process of Sign Up for a Dropbox is complete, User is required to log in to his account.
  3. Next, User is required to Click on the link named ‘Dropbox' visible on the top left side of the page.
  4. Now in order to upload the images, User is required to click on the Icon named ‘Upload' visible on the top middle of the page.
  5. After images being uploaded, place them in the Public Folder by using the simple ‘Drag and Drop' feature. By this, all the images become viewable on the internet by anyone including on PayPal for use.
  6. Next, to access the contents of Public Folder, User is required to click on the same.
  7. Now User must right click on the file name which user wishes to use in PayPal and select the link ‘Copy public.'
  8. After clicking on the link, a window with the URL will pop up to the file, User needs to copy that and paste the same in PayPal where it is appropriate.

Now SSL Secure images are hosted at absolutely no cost.

How Images can be secured on forms in SSL Pages

While adding images to any page, whether it is a Wufoo page, a user always needs security on the same. So, if anyone tried to embed a Wufoo form to SSL page, a pop-up message will be displayed “This webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS”. Maybe the culprit is the image which you have added so here are the two ways how this issue can be resolved while maintaining the website security.
To resolve this issue, the first user must check the location of an image, where it is being hosted on own server or others server and also verify whether they are hosted or not. If images are hosted on own server and that is also SSL-enabled, a user is required to add “https” before its URL.
A second way is to host images on a safe and secure hosting website. Moreover, in this task, website a such as assist in hosting the images securely.
If there is any page which does not require SSL encryption, then User is required to turn off the same or he can remove the image from that page.

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