Live Chat Software Benefits

Various Uses and Advantages: Here is a list of the many ways that live chat software can improve a website and enhance the customer experience. Obviously, live chat is an alternative to a call center. It gives users a way to immediately resolve an issue. It is also much more efficient and cheaper than a call center. There is no need to have a lengthy series of option numbers for the customer to navigate. It is far easier to bring up a chat window or a pop-up window right then and there as the user is navigating the site. Hold time is also much shorter, which possibly saves many customers from abandoning their activity. Also, support staff can handle multiple conversations at once. This is one of the biggest reasons why live chat is so efficient.

Advantages that are real

  • When it comes to using live chat services as a help desk, efficiency between support staff is also increased. They can exchange ticket information more easily making it faster to get the customer the right support. They can check that the customer receives the right answers to his or her questions. Live chat also gives support staff a better understanding of a client's issues and needs. They can visually see what the customer or user is doing. Actually seeing the issue gives support staff a much better idea of the problem as opposed to just hearing about it.
  • Another perk to consider is a support staff member can twofold as a sales person. They know what a customer is looking for, and they can also see what kind of items it is that they are shopping for. So, a customer support agent can make additional purchasing suggestions to customers. You could even use live chat for this purpose alone. Every time a customer logs on and starts shopping, there is a support agent opening a pop-up chat to suggest additional items based on that customer's needs.
  • Many live chat services have great features such as, the ability to track the activity of a user. This gives the owners of the site a way to assess the behavior of their users. All website owners strive to make their sites as customizable as possible. This live chat feature is one of the best ways of doing that. Live chat software is still widely used by most retailers. Any website that does have live chat has a significant advantage because it makes the website much more attractive.
  • Last, there is the added benefit of reaching leads that would otherwise be unreachable. Using live chat software, Retailers and website owners can contact leads that are unreachable to them via email or phone.


The results are somewhat astonishing. Here they are.

  1. 38% of shoppers who had a live chat said that they made their purchases based on the conversation that they had.
  2. 90% say that live chat is helpful and that it improved their experience.
  3. 44% say that live chat is one of the best services a website can offer.
  4. 63% of online shoppers are likely to return to sites that have live chat. The same number of people says that they are likely to make a purchase from that site.

Overall, live chatters are six times more likely to make a purchase than non-chatters. Chatwoo is quite preferred software choice for people.