Web Developer

A programmer who is specialized in the development of World Wide Web applications or in distributed network applications which run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser is known as a web developer.


Web Development is a broad term, which involves the work of developing a website for the Internet or an intranet. Web development ranges from developing the single simplest static page of plain text to the most complex web-based electronic businesses, internet applications or social network services


Front-end web development is also known as client-side development. It is the practice of developing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for a web application or website which helps the user to see and interact with them directly. The tools and techniques which are used to create the front end of a website change constantly. It is the biggest challenge that is associated with front end development. Moreover, for this purpose the developer needs to be aware of how this field is developing & the front-end web developer also needs to improve consistently as per that.


There is no formal education, degree or licensure required to become a web developer. However, there are various schools & colleges, who offer courses related to web development. Web development can also be learned by many tutorials and articles & are freely available on the web. Even though there is not any formal educational required for dealing with web developing projects but still, some advanced knowledge/skills should be preferred as a web developer, such as JavaScript, HTML/XHTML, CSS, server side/client side architecture, ability to utilize a database and much more.


Web developers work in different types of organizations which include – large private owned and government organizations, small and medium – sized companies & also as a freelancer. Web developers work as a permanent full-time employee, as an independent consultant or as a contractor for an employment agency. Web developers not only handle server-side but also front-end logic. Web developing work mainly involves the implementation of all the visual elements that users see and use in the web application, all the web services, and APIs which are compulsory to power the front-end.


A job which is done away from the office in a remote location is a remote job. In the context of remote web developer job, it is the work which is done from home. Remote job is very similar to a virtual job & mostly these jobs are 100 percent done from the web developer’s home & for this purpose he does not need any regular trips into the office for meetings.


Remote web developers are flexible sort of a work profile. They can easily work from home in their suitable hours. These jobs are not restricted to a computer or a particular geographic area as these work are done directly from the web developer’s home. If they have any problem or query regarding work they can easily contact the employer through email, live chat or phone call. So there is not any communication gap or problem to work during working as a remote developer.