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Python for Web Development


Web development is a tool that is quite essential nowadays. If an individual requires selecting a programming language for that, then Python is quite preferred over other languages. There are various reasons for python to be a favorite programming language. One of the most prominent ones is its simplicity and ease of use. It is so trouble-free, and an individual who is unaware of the language can use it without any problem. He just needs to learn a few basics, and that’s it. It is the only programming language that is not complicated at all.


Python program needs a particular program ‘Python Interpreter.' The third-party tools like Pyinstaller or Py2exe allow packaging code into a stand-alone executable program, thus eliminating the need to install an interpreter at the user end.

Download and install interpreter for Python 3, depending upon Operating System (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) and the processor (32 bit or 64 bit). From its official website download the most up-to-date and current source code, binaries, documentation, and news.


The Python language documentation is available in HTML, PDF and PostScripts formats at:

When it comes to comparing Python with other languages then maybe others are quite efficient in working, security wise and other in factors but Python is not a language that should be underestimated. It can work well on any of the required platforms with quickly optimize ability. It has lots of features that other programming language may also have, but it’s easy to use feature make it different from another programming language that’s hard to deny. It also depends on the choice of an individual and his comfort level. Maybe he is habitual of using other programming language and would prefer that one only to work. If he is given a chance to use Python at the time then maybe he doesn’t like to work on it or reject it to apply. So it sometimes and should say most of the time is a choice of an individual to select one according to his convenience. At that point, none of the advantages and shortcomings of a language will work.

Python Path

Environment Variables

Command-line options

-d debug output
-O generates optimized bytecode .pyo files
-S not to import site to look for Python paths on startups
-v verbose output
-c run python file from given file


Created by Guido van Rossum during 1985-1990 at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands. The language is derived from C, C++, ABC, Modula-3, SmallTalk, Unix Shell, and other scripting languages.


There are numerous benefits of using Python for web development, and best can decide by the person who needs to employ it at the time of creating a website.

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