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Key project teams from the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Transportation, and the Office of Emergency Management worked together with a vendor to complete the network build-out and application pilots.

NYCWiN included as a Foundational IT Initiative as part of PlanIT, which maps critical applications, programs, and initiatives to enhance City services and their delivery in key mission areas. PlanIT outlined the steps needed to achieve a single-city information technology enterprise, the principles of security and rationalized consolidation to ensure its integrity, and the enhancements required to optimize its performance.

These other outstanding projects were chosen as 2008 ETAP winners for in the following categories:

Demonstrated Leadership in Management of Information Technology Richard Siemer, Human Resources Administration (HRA)

Richard Siemer has consistently proven his dedication to the public sector throughout his 27-year career. In his capacity as Deputy Commissioner and CIO for HRA's Management Information Systems, Mr. Siemer's ability to lead collaborative operational teams and program staff have contributed to the successful implementation of HRA's Model Office. A major objective of the Model Offices is to provide a customer service area that streamlines processing times.

His responsibilities also extend to the support of voice telephone-related activities, where he has instituted new and innovative applications, like the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. IVR has enabled customers and vendors to access information and make inquiries regarding the status of applications for services, and information lines and help desks offer them in multiple languages. Also, day-care vendors can submit attendance via telephone, facilitating their billing and payment processes. Mr. Siemer has also worked to roll out Voice-Over IP (VOIP) to all HRA locations – accruing significant cost savings to the City in telephone expenditures.

Source: Press Release # 004
Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008

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