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Best IT Collaboration Among Agencies

Citywide Performance Reporting, Mayor's Offices of Operations & Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Launched on in February, Citywide Performance Reporting (CPR) is an online performance-tracking tool that measures service delivery by City agencies and identifies trends positively or negatively.
The application represents a collection of data from more than 40 City agencies and organizations into an easy-to-use online “snapshot” format. It addresses performance measures under the framework of PlanIT's eight citywide themes – Citywide Administration, Community Services, Economic Development & Business Affairs, Education, Infrastructure, Legal Affairs, Public Safety, and Social Services. The application provides early warning for areas that need attention by highlighting a decline in performance. CPR measures performance by comparing current data to that for the same period the previous year, thereby holding agencies accountable for year-over-year improvement. To analyze long-term trends, users can also access year-to-year trend data by clicking on the “Fiscal Year-To-Date” value, covering reporting periods from July 2002 to the present.

Best In-House Developed Application

Parks Enforcement Patrol Performance Measurement & Vehicle Out of Service System, Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)

The Parks Enforcement Patrol Performance Measurement system is a web-based application that effectively tracks and manages the functions of the Urban Park Service. This application includes features that efficiently track such department statistics as productivity, daily operations, employee profiles, and Urban Park Ranger programming notes (programs, animal conditions, and staffing).

To date, all source data for these performance metrics have been manually collected, compiled, maintained, and analyzed in ledgers and individual logs. This new application both dramatically improves DPR's business process by reducing the time that UPS staff spends preparing summaries and reports and increasing their time in the field. This application's benefits also extend to the public as a more efficient deployment of officers means safer parks for all New Yorkers.

The Vehicle Out of Service (VOOS) system services over 2,000 vehicles across hundreds of locations, allowing DPR to manage its fleet better, create a permanent record of repair jobs, and enable more reliable avenues of communication between the repair shops and customers. Reducing the costs and time associated with managing the agency's fleet, VOOS has also freed up to 50% of the time previously required to coordinate a paper and fax system of reporting and managing vehicles in the field. Use of VOOS promises to reduce total agency-wide Vehicle out-of-service time by two days per year, putting 11 additional vehicles into the fleet and a cost savings of over $84,000 yearly.

Source: Press Release # 004
Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008

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