About Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most innovative Cloud computing technology. It provides the facility of unlimited number of machines to act as a single system. Shared or dedicated hosting solutions depend on one machine only, whereas many servers guarantee cloud hosting security. The cloud technology has easy integration of extra resources, like space or RAM, and it enables website growth.

Get to know Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is basically a delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. In it, shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers. It has other devices as a utility, such as – the electricity grid over a network. We can classify Clouds as private, public or hybrid.

Cloud Hosting Benefits

Cloud hosting offers various benefits, such as – the Highest level of website performance guaranteed by multiple machines, No single point of failure, Redundant data storage, Lower pricing and generous features, Guaranteed server resources (CPU, RAM), Website growth flexibility and many more.
Cloud computing is also known as ‘on-demand computing'. It is a kind of Internet-based computing. It is a model that enables on-demand access ubiquitously for sharing pool of configurable computing resources. It provides storage solutions and Cloud computing to its users and enterprises with its numerous capabilities of storage and processing the data in third-party data centers. It relies on sharing of resources for achieving coherence with economies of scale. It is similar to a utility such as – electricity grid over a network.

Regarding Cloud Server

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing in which large groups of remote servers are networked that allows sharing of centralized data storage, data processing tasks and online access to computer resources and services.

Python in the Cloud

Python in the Cloud offers high-level scalability. Its platform is able to distribute resources dynamically to your app in the real-time. It also helps you to fine-tune your app's infrastructure by yourself. It offers you the facility of hosting your web apps in the cloud without any hassle.

Features of Python Cloud Hosting

Python Cloud Hosting offers various features, some of them are – Manage the clustering, No lock-in, no entry or exit costs, Full control and monitoring, Highly secured, pay as you go & a bunch of services available and more to come also.
Python Cloud Hosting provides the facility of easy customization to the type of cluster you want for the scalability of your application. It has vertical and horizontal scalability, and you can choose both. It also offers you the facility of setting a minimum and a maximum of Scalers. It does not charge any entry or exit costs. So that you are free to come and leave whenever you want. You can manage and monitor every application in the dashboard. It also provides you the facility of creating organizations and to manage access rights to collaborate with your team members.
Python Cloud is a cloud-computing platform that integrates into the Python Programming Language. It has the computing power of Amazon Web Services and for this, you have no need to maintain, manage or configure virtual servers. Before using its packages, you need to sign up with Python Cloud account. The cloud library provides a simulator that can also be used without a PiCloud account.


If Python is compared to languages that appear impenetrable to the novice, it is considered to be easier to learn than others, and its cross-platform compatibility is one of the major benefits. It can be coded in the Terminal app on Mac OS X but is also often used for security applications or web applications running on a UNIX or Linux server. The language is employed by YouTube, Google, and NASA, as well as CERN, the home of the Large Hadron Collider. CERN use Python to decode data from Atlas, one of the LHC sensors.


Python cloud hosting enables an individual to leverage the computing power of cloud web services without having to maintain, configure or manage virtual servers. When using Python library known as cloud, PiCloud will integrate seamlessly into a person's existing code base. This makes it easy & simple to use for a person. Python cloud hosting whether it is free or paid one renders many options & support various applications.