Dual Boot: Install Linux and Windows on one computer at the same time. A dual-boot configuration is essential for PC games that support only Windows. A user can reboot to play it in Windows with maximum performance with no tweaking.

Install Linux with GRUB boot loader, if not previously installed run the command


Later install Windows, which would overwrite boot manager. When you install Windows after Linux, Windows ignores Linux, doesn’t know how to resize its partitions, and overwrites the Linux boot loader with its own. The grub-install with the device name of the hard-disk re-installs the Linux boot manager. Put an entry of the Windows system. When the PC starts, the user can choose the operating system to boot.

Recommendation – Install Linux after Windows as the Linux installer knows how to deal with Windows, resize its partition, and set up a boot loader with an option allowing you to choose Windows at boot time.

For installations, mostly USB-drive recommended. The user downloads the Linux distribution and creates live media using the burn process. Reboot the PC with this media and start Linux. Create a separate drive or free space for Windows.

Using Ubuntu Distribution

install-ubuntuThe Ubuntu runs using USB drive created. Verify hardware like WiFi if working correctly. Now to install on PC, click on the ‘Install Ubuntu' to go through the installation wizard.


install your Linux system alongside Windows 7 or erase your Windows 7 system and install Linux over it.

Choose the space to reserve for your Linux system. It would resize Windows partition to make room for Linux. The best way is to install Linux on another separate hard drive. Most Linux distributions use the ext4 file system, so a third-party utility needed if the user wants to access the Linux file system from Windows.