WordPress” is a good option if we are looking for a free website provider for our new website. It is a system which is designed to manage the content and used all over the world. In fact, it is very popular on the web. If you’re WordPress hosting plan which offers the required disk space and bandwidth capacity, then it can host a network of blogs, and with one admin account, all the blogs can be administrated. Thus, we can say it is the best option to run many websites on the same hosting account.

There are so many web users who are stay connected with their friends or family members by regularly updating their status through Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut. However, there are some limitations in using these social media channels. To use them properly, a way of blogging is still the best choice. There are so many blogging platforms, and among them, WordPress is one of the most popular.

WordPress is considered as the most SEO friendly web hosting

Bloggers have the desire that their content is highly rated in the search engine results and each blogger has the idea of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Wordpress is considered as the most SEO friendly web hosting because of the several features of WordPress SEO plugin, which are as follow:

  • In RSS feeds, a part of the content can be linked or added in the starting or at the end of your post to point out the original pages.
  • You need to set your Meta description templates and titles for all the pages. In a search engine, if you want to explore anything, then you must have a focus keyword which you need to write in bold letters. To optimize your title, Meta description, post, you may use snippet preview functionality.
  • WordPress SEO has the most advanced  XML sitemap functionality which automatically generates the XML sitemaps and also makes its presence available in the knowledge of the Google search engine. On the XML sitemaps, XSLT style sheets are used by the WordPress SEO.
  • Breadcrumbs may clarify or explain the structure of your site in a better way to the search engines. It is helpful for both users and search engines as it enables easy navigation structure.
  • WordPress SEO has another feature known as Robots Meta configuration, which allows you to have full control on the pages which may be going to display or may not show in the search engine results. By default, its advanced settings are hidden under the Meta robot settings.
  • WordPress is considered as the most SEO friendly web hosting because it comes with a Facebook open graph implementation, which results in social integration.
  • It also provides you the feature of import and export functionality by which you can maintain the same settings throughout all the blogs. It may allow you to export the site settings from one blog and import the same site settings on the other blog.
  • It also allows you to edit the most important files like robot.txt and .htaccess files for your WordPress blog.
    Wordpress SEO may have their set of actions and filters.
  • It always allows you to maintain a clean up <head> section.
    Canonical element differentiates between original page and derivative pages which have the same content and these elements are set by the WordPress SEO.
  • Another feature “permalink cleanup” also makes this friendly web hosting as it may allow you to always display your content under the URL (Uniform resource locator) which you need to test by checking on simple options in the settings.
  • Content is all yours: Whatever content you publish on WordPress is all yours. WordPress gives you freedom and feeling of ownership because it not owned by any company and it is open and free software.
  • Easy to use: WordPress is very user-friendly as it is quite easy to use and it gives you power also to control your site.