Reseller Hosting Vs VPS hosting

A reseller hosting is like a shared room with many people living in it. This means that in reseller web hosting one can use many accounts as per their requirement or can even sell these accounts to others. On the other hand VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server is one of kind. It is like a big room where you can get your own single room all to yourself. This can be explained like this that in VPS web hosting is a hosting service provider where you can get a private place for yourself irrespective of sharing with others.

Now if you are wondering which one to opt for, then the answer is quite simple. It depends on your line of business and the kind of expectations you have from it. In fact, a comparison of Reseller Hosting Vs VPS hosting can help you reach that understanding level. For this, you can research on your own from the internet by reading through various article directories on your own. You may also consider joining a few forums and discuss your dilemma at the same time. Besides all that we have tried our best to put all the information up in one place that will ultimately assist you to decide on what kind of hosting plan you should invest in.

Talking about a VPS hosting provider one can only say that although a small number of people share this server, yet it is also a shared server in contrast to a dedicated server. This server comes handy for who want their own server at a reduced price. Additionally VPS web hosting has what is called Root access which allows its users to download software and applications that are properly licensed as well as legal. This becomes its USP and makes it better than any other kind of shared servers in the market.

On the other hand reseller, web hosting has a dedicated Web Host Manager who can help you customize your hosting. This manager will also be of great aid when you need to decide about the bandwidth you need or the web space without overspending. A reseller hosting provider makes use of the Linux platform which becomes its USP in turn.

The best part about a VPS web hosting is that you will be allocated with your own bandwidth, disk space, and RAM. This kind of hosting ensures that the web traffic on other sites will never affect your bandwidth. On the other hand with a reseller web hosting one can sell the accounts using their own brand names. With this kind of hosting you are free to use the software that your host provides.

So you now that you have read about Reseller Hosting Vs VPS hosting in details, it is solely up to you to decide what sort of hosting provider you should choose. There are merits and demerits of both these hosting forms. You need to weigh both sides and then take a call without any doubts!