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WordPress Hosting Benefits

About the WordPress

WordPress is the very popular software which is used to manage the content and growing very fast all over the world. It is related to blogs and thus it allows its users to gain blog experience, as this is the main function of the WordPress. “Wordpress” is a good option if we are looking for a free website provider for our new website. Basically, it is used as a blogging tool but its developers all over the world increase its functions, created very typical and complicated websites and make it grew as a system used to manage the content. WordPress is easy to use because it has a very friendly interface. It contains various numbers of plugins for different purposes which allow its functions to be extended in different ways. If you’re hosting plan which offers the required disk space and bandwidth capacity then it can host a network of blogs and with one admin account, all the blogs can be administrated. Thus, we can say it is the best option to run a number of websites on the same hosting account.

About WordPress hosting

If we understand in a single line then it means- Personalize your own blog.

There are thousands of web hosts available but it is very difficult to choose the one which meets the WordPress minimum requirements because it needs the right environment, WordPress gives its best when it is in a correct and rich hosting environment. WordPress hosting is very flexible so we can modify or extend it as per our requirement to fulfill any purpose. It is also very popular and gained popularity from various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Whenever there is any new video or new content then it appears automatically or is posted on social networks automatically by customizing RSS feed.

Benefits of using WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting edits the functions and display of thousands of themes & CSS files.

WordPress hosting allows you to have total control over your own website and it also makes available thousands of plugins which extend the functionality of your site and as per your need you can install any no. of plugins.There are certain ways by which you can change the code on plugins to modify them.

WordPress hosting allows optimization of the Search Engine as it is search Engine friendly and allows every single page to be indexed.

Larger storage space.

WordPress hosting allows you to set the terms and conditions on your own and calls the shots otherwise various blog service providers force their hosting, content and advertising policies.

It also allows you to have complete control over your code because then you can implement any theme, change it as per your specifications, or create your own.

W3C is the international standard for website codes and the codes which are created by the WordPress is entirely W3C compliant. W3C indicate a correct website code which removes problems, bugs and bad referencing in search engines.

If you want to choose another layout, then it is also possible without doing anything manually because it allows your content to be immediately integrated with the new layout.

WordPress also contain an in-built comment feature, which allows your users to give their opinion and views about your published items and these features are completely Web 2.0 compliant, which makes users participants feel that they are more than just simple visitors.

It also enables built-in spam filters which carefully filter all the spam messages as users add comments, and for them, there are few automatic spambots that try to place ads as a reaction.

Another benefit of using WordPress hosting is that you can protect each post on your site with a password. Thus if you want to publish your articles for a restricted audience, for e.g. for an internal weblog for your company or association, then it is possible with WordPress.

Each WordPress hosting contains not less than 10 user levels and thus it allows multiple users to access and accordingly you can perfectly assign rights to each user.

WordPress contains built-in Ping-O-Matic service, by which each post is immediately submitted to search engines.

Wordpress” is a good option if we are looking for a free website provider for our new website. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by millions of bloggers all over the world. In fact, it’s the most popular CMS on the web. WordPress can host a network of blogs, if you’re hosting plan offers the required disk space and bandwidth capacity. Each blog can be independently administrated, with one Super Admin account holding the keys to the network at large. This makes it a great choice for anyone running multiple sites on the same hosting account.

Features of WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is flexible – It can be adapted, extended and modified to suit almost any purpose. The front end of WordPress is built around a customizable template system, but several areas within those templates can be accessed very easily through the administration menus.

WordPress is an events listings website – Plugging is used to extend the software which will make this an events listing website. It can be said that it is an e-commerce store, a subscription-only membership resource or a discussion forum.

WordPress hosting is very popular – It thrived on the popularity of social media, with various plugging making it incredibly easy to integrate WordPress with Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn and YouTube. Embedded videos appear automatically, and RSS feeds can be customized to automatically post on social networks when new content appears. Plugging can also be added to optimize WordPress for SEO, and a customizable link structure helps to get your important post titles and keywords right up there in the title bar.

WordPress is lightweight – WordPress is designed to be scalable, so even the most basic hosting plan is usually fine. It can be extended to run several blogs from the same database, but you may need to check that your host will accommodate this. Some may impose bandwidth restrictions, and if you upload lots of media, you might find that disk space becomes tight on cheaper plans.

Here is given few best wordpress hosting services:

HostGator, Fatcow, Webhostinghub, Bluehost, GreenGeeks, WPWebhost, 1&1webhosting, Dreamhost, Hostmonster, Inmotion hosting, Wiredtree, GodaddyEleven2 , Just host, IXWebhosting, iPage, Lunarpages, Hostpapa, A2Hosting, Networksolutions.

Which Components or features must be there in the wordpress hosting so the company can be called best wordpress hosting service?

Expert WordPress support – It is the most important feature which says that entire staff of company is wordpress expert means there is not a single person or department in company who is looking after this particular thing, all the staff members are completely engaged in this and you will get answer to your each and every question.

Hacking-Free of cost – Most of the good companies provide hacking free of cost and they ensure first your website will not going to be hacked by the hacker but if is done then they will fix the problem without charging anything from you.

Ever cache technology – Traffic is a big problem in networking and due to traffic jam in the network sometimes loading of page will talk a lot of time and speed also matters, but in the case of wordpress hosting, companies provide you good technology which resolve the above issues.

Good backup and security – Good companies also provide good backup and restore of data in a proper manner and security with no additional charges.

Features asked by you – Companies also took requests from site owners and as per their need implemented some amazing features. For instance, your WP Engine account comes with a staging area, so you can deploy new pages, themes, or site changes without worrying about crashing your site.

Best plug-in – Thousands of plugging are available and to choose the best one, companies will deliver you the best one on their own experiences which suits your need.

Power tools for power users – Companies have developers and have an array of tools and services (all no extra charge) to build custom WordPress sites.

Help to move your website – Top of the companies help you to move your site onto WPEngine, but here they charge the cost of migrations which depends on the site.

Technical Details – If you want to see the technical details of your website, then best wordpress hosting companies will enable this feature also.

Wordpress” is a good option if we are looking for a free website provider for our new website. It is a system which is basically designed to manage the content and used all over the world. In fact, it is very popular on the web. If you’re WordPress hosting plan which offers the required disk space and bandwidth capacity then it can host a network of blogs and with one admin account all the blogs can be administrated. Thus, we can say it is the best option to run number of web sites on the same hosting account.

There are so many web users who are stay connected with their friends or family members by regularly updating their status through Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut. However, there are some limitations in using these social media channels. In order to use them properly, way of blogging is still the best choice. There are so many blogging platforms, and among them Wordpress is definitely one of the most popular.

WordPress is consider as the most SEO friendly web hosting

Bloggers have the desire that their content should be highly rated in the search engine results and each blogger has the idea of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Wordpress is consider as the most SEO friendly web hosting because of the several features of WordPress SEO plugin, which are as follow:

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