About Company

  • A leading European internet specialist
  • An Internet service provider


CEO: Ralph Dommermuth

Brands: 1&1, GMX, WEB.DE, STRATO, 1&1 Versatel and the Drillisch Online brands

Services Offered

  • Sedo: professional services in the field of active domain management
  • Offers access products through 1&1 brand, Drillisch Online, winSIM, yourfone, and smartmobile.de
  • Applications through GMX, mail.com, WEB.DE, 1&1 IONOS, Arsys, Fasthosts, home.pl, InterNetX, Strato, united-domains, and World4You brands.
  • ad-financed and fee-based application products for consumer and business customers
  • domains, home pages, Web hosting, servers, and e-shops; personal information management applications, such as email, to-do lists, appointments, and addresses; and group works, online storage, and office software
  • broadband and mobile access products, including home networks, online storage, telephony, video-on-demand, or IPTV
  • data and network solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • infrastructure services for large corporations.

What for Customers?

  • High-performance

Customers: Operates in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and the United State

Number of Customers: 23 million fee-based customer contracts and over 36 million ad-financed free accounts

Latest News

  • (August 20, 2018) Acquired World4You an Australian market leader to strengthen its international activities of United Internet's Business Applications segment pooled with 1&1 Internet SE.