• (April 11, 2018) The company lays a foundation for Fanatical Channel with launch of New Partner Program to better serve their customers. It would provide visibility and access to its managed IT services and expertise across the leading private and public clouds, application services along with managed hosting, colocation and managed security. The company partners can leverage both self-service and highly dedicated customer program model to meet their customer's needs. The tools and resources offered help in digital transformation.Strategic partner agreement: Agreement aligns with Partners business and includes increased partner benefits such as a formalized MDF program, sales, and technical resources, and customer life-cycle management.
    Strengthened partner enablement: More access to resources, such as dedicated partner account managers, Partner Open Book events, executive sponsorship, priority access to the Customer Experience Center and joint marketing content. It would increase transparency between the company and the partners.
    Enhanced partner portal: Partners have more access to tools that enable them to manage their existing business with and also positions them for continued growth with their customers.
  • (July 18, 2017) Announced to deliver the Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry on a cloud-native platform in Solve Conference, New York. It features built-in tools for scaling, metrics, microservices, and stream processing. It would feature 24/7 management for troubleshooting, managing updates, feature releases, and integration with various services; multi-cloud capability; and on-demand expertise for handing version upgrades, feature enhancements, and other technical updates. It enables businesses to use Pivotal Cloud Foundry in any public or private cloud as well as on customer-owned infrastructure. The technology is beneficial and accessible to developers to an organization of all types and size, regardless of expertise and experience with the platform and increases their productivity and almost 50% reduction in IT cost due to platform automation.
  • (July 18, 2017) Rackspace held its first-ever Partner Day on Monday, July 17, 2017, at Rackspace Solve, in New York City and made a promise to partners to deliver “Fanatical Channel,” talked about by partner advisory council.
  • (July 13, 2017) Microsoft offered the local version of Azure cloud service: Rackspace Added Support for Microsoft Azure Stack to help enterprises to reduce complexity, from planning and migration to the ongoing tasks of scaling applications, managing costs, maintaining security and ensuring application uptime.
  • (Jul 12, 2017) Rackspace's support to new customers of Microsoft's Azure Stack — private cloud inside the corporate data center could poach business clients.
  • (June 21, 2017) Rackspace Creates New Division as it has closed an acquisition of consulting and managed services company TriCore Solutions. With that, it plans to serve customers “up the stack” with management of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Analytics and other enterprise applications. The division would deliver managed applications for business intelligence and analytics, and data warehousing. The acquisition would increase Rackspace’s headcount by 500 employees, and TriCore CEO Mark Clayman would report directly to Rackspace President Jeff Cotten.