In Hosting ritual Dedicated web hosting is a service used for the commercial purpose of clients where they can host multiple websites and increase space and speed for websites. Dedicated Hosting also beneficial for those websites Audio / Video and file download services using shared web hosting with limited bandwidth.

Initially in hosting business people prefer budget solutions, after a time period when a business grows its need more features. It is good to choose the company, which give fast and easy upgrade from any hosting plan to dedicated hosting. Dedicated server setup available on monthly or yearly plan payment options and it is not easy to switch different hosting provider in short time. All that process can be time-consuming and costly for clients.

In Cloud Hosting specific server is not required, however buying resources and bandwidth for users in business what is a necessity. Clients need to select server only, deploying cloud server, configured and ready to use everything is ready within few minutes.

In Cloud hosting the infrastructure includes massive redundancy, if a particular server is not in working condition, automatically burden is transferred to other servers, hence it is not possible to say where the server is located, may possible that websites host in other city or a different country. In cloud hosting, if a server can be deployed or destroyed within an hour clients pay only what they use.