To start an online business, you should know your interest and your talents. Three types of online business done are:

  1. Online Selling: in this business, you can sell physical things online. One of the websites which work like this is eBay which sells products online.
  2. EBook Writing For Clients: you can become ghostwriter and write articles for the people.
  3. Downloading Products: you can sell products that can be downloaded by people quickly.

With improving technology, including excellent online tool costs, there has never been an easier time to put your business online.

Steps you should take to start an online business:

  1. Gets Your Idea Flowing: just click and view material from some of the today’s best business minds?
  2. Sign Up With A Webhost: to be in business online, you’re going to need a web host and domain registration. For this blue host is the top host and can give you everything in one place. It is a mid-priced service and offers unlimited everything, hosting space email account, domains, etc.
    A). Setup Your Web Hosting: you need basic package through which you can handle some blogs and website.
    B). Setup Your Domain Registration: choose private registration to avoid spam and do long-term domain-registration as a search engine would recognize it.
  3. Install WordPress: WordPress is now a fully functional site design and management tool. WORDPRESS is the driving force of a website. It manages your content and allows you to modify the appearances of your site quickly.
  4. Choose Your WordPress Theme: it can set theme according to the requirement but keep it as a zipped file when you download it.
  5. Create A Twitter Account:  The Twitter account is needed for promoting your content and for interacting with client and other social networks.
  6. Twitter Tools: see for Twitter tools and visit TWEETADDER and try its trial version. This software will build your following with like-minded people and will manage your direct message as well.
  7. Email Marketing: It is a major component of your online business with an option in email list you’ll have a group of people eager to listen to what you’re saying .with a regular email, newsletter, your visitor won’t have to remember to come back .you can keep in touch directly. AWEBER has a great set of a template to easily create a newsletter and manage multiple email lists and website with one account.
  8. To Track Your Progress:
    a) SEOmoz: Is a combination of free and pay tools that allow you to get the right pulse of your website. These used in conjunction with Google Analytics.
    b) GOOGLE ANALYTICS: s a free option and surprisingly sophisticated, but simple to use .it is quick to install into your WORDPRESS installation and you can immediately begin to track traffic.
  9. SETUP SOCIAL MEDIA: use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to get feedback, marketing, and building contacts.

By following these steps, you can easily create your online business and successfully run it.

Start An Online Business Marketing instead of waiting years and years to move up the rankings on Google's SERPs. Online Business Marketing is in high demand and businesses need to know how to market on the Internet effectively. An article provides a brief about email marketing, social media, PPC ads, web design, blogging, eCommerce, SEO and tools to track progress.

The building and designing process of WordPress theme is beneficial for coders. The same thing is not applicable in promoting theme. All designers can create special product could be useful for many website owners and still not get sales since customers would be interested to see a result of their work.

Dashboard Upsells

WordPress designer creates useful upsell page will appear on right side in CMS dashboard. Anyone can add information to set theme and lot more together with links towards upgrade button. Upsell page is not trespassing because of this turn-off quickly. One has to make useful upsell pages as possible. It provides useful information about theme helps to set up some parts of the theme. The designer need not promote paid version of a theme but can also give advertisements related to available products.

Press Releases

It doesn't mean that user must use PRWeb or services similar to it. Locate contact relevant blogs and sites which is not difficult at all. After theme creation and launching, a good press release should be written and send to big publication. Consider following points during contact:

  1. Don't use marketing slang. A simple email should be written explains product work. So, this is the reason it is covered by publication.
  2. It has to be sure that email should be personal. A generic template like “To Whom It May Concern”. The real name of a receiver will be used. A lot of people makes one error to use website name in the email subject. A user has to make everything personal as possible.
  3. In an event never do anything so that product is not covered.

Paid Reviews are used

There are many blogs offering paid review services. Money about to pay is not so much as coverage will be higher with available free promotional methods. Profits will be gained easily by paid reviews. A user must be very careful about coverage getting through paid review. It has to be sure that unbiased paid reviews should be there. List of different blogs is made to contact about coverage obtain for money user about to pay.

Using Newsletters

Before launching a new WordPress theme user has to make sure to build a mailing list. A user can announce easily launch of new features, actual features and things related to drafted email. For initial promotion campaign, a holding page can be created to act as an address. Whenever any products whether free or paid are launched clients receive an email to join the newsletter. To increase signup rates use an incentive.

Use Specific Frameworks

By using specific framework client can build new WordPress theme. Many official sites will have example stores or galleries. The new theme can be added easily, an example is Genesis. Different frameworks are to be observed can be used to create new themes.


An experienced marketer has to talk right people for promotion. People networks should be increased and let them know about their launching products regarding WordPress themes. Maintain contact with professionals to increase awareness. Marketers can offer easily free copies of reviews to affect networking. Through networking, exposure about sales or free downloads can easily be observed during the launch of a product.