There is a collection of WordPress plugins that never gives failure of a functionality of WordPress beyond some defaults to letting webmasters shape their websites, and it is WordPress Hacks. It provides the customization capability to webmasters of the tasks that can't be accomplished by any plug-ins. These are establishing a support and receiving a platform as some non-programming webmaster are searching the support of web developers to introduce new features in websites.

Points which user can implement on WordPress Secured website:

Removing a title of a particular page

There are some tools to provide facility to remove titles from the pages of the site whenever user need to remove from individual pages.

RSS Feed contains post's featured image

Using images on the posts always gives some extra force among the viewers to read and further expansion among their circles. A user can also enhance the featured image of the post to make it visually catchier.

Display some personalized widgets

Website's header is advertising area where a user can show noticeable ads. The site admins are not free to control to display the desired elements on a header and thus leads lack of flexibility.

Enable Shortcodes in Widgets

Widgets never stop to give its services that user is searching. They build an essential part of any WordPress website and therefore to enhance its features.

Top Navigation will be visible

On a site, the top navigation bar menu is ignorable probably for its position, and therefore the user has to move it.

To move the Navigation menu to Center

It has a possibility that user has decided to realign the logo to place at the center of the header so a user should move navigation menu to the center.

Delay Post Publishing on RSS Feeds

When a post has sent to RSS Feeds, then minor mistakes can make it costly and delay the process. By including some codes, user a can resist the posts on RSS feed.

Avoid Circular Avatars? Make Squarish

The theme which has chosen by a user for WP websites automatically alter the avatar images to present in the circular form. The webmaster would display their avatars in a square form.

Disable HTML comments

HTML comments can give spam in bulk which can have a serious outcome on the website. Therefore it is essential to disable HTML in a comment section to keep website spam free.

Make Complete Post

If any user is searching a particular post, redirect it to the complete post. So, there is no need of navigation for the users and therefore enhance the user experience.

Display Current Copyright date

Copyright is an essential part of the website contains plenty of useful information that other randomizers can't copy on the web. Thus, it is important to display accurate copyright information with the current year.

Redirect users after log in

When any user is logged into the website then, he can be redirected to another URL according to his choice.

Make Dashboard a Personalized logo

Most webmasters are struggling to have personalized logo for a dashboard in WordPress backend.

Set editor as default

A user has a freedom to choose the editor according to his wish to set as default.


Reset WordPress Password

Many people are facing the problem in username & password With WordPress Hosting.
There are some Helping Topics For All.

Currently a lot of you are still experiencing the “Invalid Username/Password” problems that have been nagging the app for some time now.

Sometimes this can be resolved by enabling XML-RPC on your self-hosted installation of WordPress (, not Here's how you enable it:

  1. Go to your blog and log in (/wp-admin).
  2. In the sidebar, open Settings and then select Writing.
  3. Under Remote Publishing, check to make sure the XML-RPC protocol is enabled. If it's not, please enable it.
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully this should resolve your issues, let us know if not – we're working on making this experience better from within the app.

* When adding your blog, please only use the root URL (don't apply /wp-admin).