Gone are the days when the installation of the Linux was the most difficult with all the distributions, when it was performed using several diskettes, following accurate instructions and Linux console commands. Most of the users still are afraid of installing the Linux on their systems, they fear, it could destroy the previously store data on their computers. Linux do require proper portioning of your Hard drive which includes the must partition as / (root), swap, and boot. Well nobody would like to re-partition as it is justified, that there may be data loss, if proper instructions are not being followed or something un-intended things happen. Home PC users market is mostly occupied by Microsoft, as installing any windows product is automatic and very less complicated as compared to Linux. If you are not trained computer technical, even though you can find installing Windows easier. Dialogue boxes appears where user data is required for settings or information. But, now, all these features are with Linux also. Windows have license cost involved, while Linux is free. Also, Linux is preferred due to its efficiency and security.
There were times, when device manufactures ignores Linux, as it was being mostly used in server computers. But, now manufactures treat Linux as one of the main operating system. Most of the devices, now easily get installed on Linux, without user involvement. When the system starts Operating system probe it, to check the devices and other resources, which it need to mange. Penguin emblem of Linux is recognized in approximately all the devices. Linux has started capturing the market of Microsoft, and would become one of the biggest competitors in the near future.
Not only the experienced Linux users, the operating system is also becoming famous among the newcomers, especially the college students, who want to be in touch with technology.