If you wish to migrate WordPress site from a previous hosting provider, there some informative topic which will provide easy navigation.

Intro to Migrating your WordPress Site data

Make sure you have access to WordPress files as a database associated with it.

  • Migrating Your WordPress Database: for transferring database you have to do some work as exporting backup of your WordPress database, creating a NEW MySQL database, and importing backup you created.
  • Migrating WordPress Files: after migrating WordPress site to Inmotionhosting, you need to copy or transfer all WordPress application files. The company uses FTP for this task. If you don't have FTP credentials, then ask your previous host to provide this prior information.
  • Configuring WordPress After a Migration: Next step is to update configuration setting so recent migrated files can communicate correctly with a database.
  • Correcting Image links After a WordPress Migration: Next important step is to update URLs for images within your posts and pages. By changing, site URL will not fix images on your recent web page. PHPMyAdmin tool will help you out to fix the things.
  • Testing Your WordPress Website After Migration: Before taking the site live it is the last step to do. You will need to modify your host's file on your computer.