WordPress is popular among bloggers all around the globe and is most preferred Content Management System. Credit goes to the advantages that WordPress offers.

  • Easy platform to work on, requires no specific technical knowledge.
  • Free Plugins available.
  • Easy to add fields and functions.
  • Thousands of Free templates as per requirement to create a beautiful and efficient website.
  • Better support available by an active community of developers associated, who provides a prompt response.
  • Editing Tools to keep the website clean and professional.

WordPress offers the unique advantage of having two editors:

  • Visual editor
  • Text Editor

Most of the experts of editing advocate offline editing as it is safer.

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WordPress feature with some plugins. All plugin is helpful in making WordPress site efficient and spam free. Below discussed are some useful plugins.

1) WordPress Security Plugins

Security of WordPress installation increases by this plugin. By using these plugin, users can secure their WordPress site from spammers.

  • Limit Login Attempts: if someone tries to unauthorize login then limit login attempts will temporarily ban the IP address for trying more login attempts. It suggests changing administrator username to something other than “Admin.”
  • WP-reCAPTCHA: Plugin which uses an advanced CAPTCHA system to help prevent spam in WordPress. CAPTCHA is an image contains letter and numbers, and a user needs to fill these words and number to prove they are not a spambot.
  • Captcha: This plugin prevents unwanted spam bots from login form, register form, lost password form, and comments form. This plugin allows users to solve simple math problems before leaving a comment or registering.
  • Akismet: powerful plugin which features with all WordPress installation and stops spam comments on a wordpress website.

2) WordPress Google XML Sitemaps(SEO plugins)

Creating XML sitemaps have a lot of work, but by using Google XML Sitemaps plugin, it can be created easily and automatically. It will increase visibility of website for search engines.

3)Plugins for Facebook and Twitter

In Today's e-market, social media has become a pivotal aspect for any enterprises. This plugin can be integrated into WordPress website and allow visitors to “like” WordPress posts and automatically tweets your posts.

  • Facebook Like Button: When visitors like your post it will appear on their Facebook page. By this approach, your website will get social reach.
  • Social Media Widget: You can place it anywhere on your side menu, visitors can point any social sites like facebook, twitter, myspace, LinkedIn, Skype, and much more.
  • WP to twitter: your post will automatically appear on twitter account by this plugin.

Why use WordPress Plugin for Events Management

WordPress Plugin for Events management is widely used nowadays. It was used primarily for blogging, but these days they are mainly used for event driven website making. It is PHP based framework software that uses MySQL as a data base. WordPress Plugin enriches content management system. It helps to manage contents perfectly. It makes website developing easy and devoid of any hassles.

Now you must understand what a plugin is. A plugin is a basic software developing tool that does not have an independent existence like other software. It works when it is attached to another web development kit or content management system like WordPress. Suppose you are trying to develop a website, a plugin like An Event Calendar will be very useful.

Event managers use event organizers to manage event in a WordPress website. Some built in plugins like “Customesmpost type” to manufacture events that have same functionality like posting a date with a year in a website. The other event organizers use WordPress plugins for the ease with which it can be installed and customized. Again the plugins are very developed. Event organizers use mainly these WordPress Plugin for Events:

  1. Event scheduler/calendar: This is an Ajax oriented searching output screen like Google or Yahoo calendar. This event manager gives you the facilities like managing appointments, schedules and upcoming schedules on the task bar.By clicking the task bar a user can manage or customize the events with the calendar date.
  2. Amr-ical events list : Any user can use this WordPress plugin for Events to manipulate the calendar widgets.
  3. MEM or Minimalistic Event Manager: It is used by the developer to develop flexible event dates. Event dates can be added to a post sent by any user.
  4. Eventify: This is also a popular plugin which will let you edit pop ups and widgets.
  5. Event Brite: This plugin helps you to manage registrations and ticket sales.

Many other tools are available to manipulate events .some of them are free of cost and some of them are paid, but the main thing WordPress plugin for Events provides is easy optimization of user interfacing events.

There are many events made by the programmers to achieve their target for event management. Those WordPress plugin for Events is used in online newspapers to make it user-friendly. A user can search the news by clicking the calendar event for a particular day.Bloggers are also facilitated by those events, as they post their blog in time frame basis. WordPress plugin for Events manager manages those posts timely.

Word press plugin for Events is made by the programmers in the daily basis to enrich the event management system. Most of them are free and you can search your needed manager to accomplish your task. As it is a technical issue of installing and using them perfectly, only a good web developer can add them to your website that will make it run properly. So you have to know what you need and then ask your web developer for an appropriate Word press plugin for Events.

JW Player Plugin for WordPress

JW Player plugin for WordPress.com VIP provides publishers to stream, publish, and monitor video with the JW Player, directly within the WordPress. Video uploads and embeds can be performed directly within the WordPress post or page editor. Now WordPress VIP customers can get full access to the JW Player and JW Platform. The player aim is to make it simple for publishers to deliver broadcast quality videos to their audience. JW Player plugin has some key features::

  • Fast video streaming playback across browsers, in both HTML5 and Flash modes.
  • Inline Library Search, Upload, Click-to-Publish.
  • Instant click-to-publish for a specific video you want to embed from your JW platform library using the inline search.
  • Keep the video playing back in your WordPress VIP site secure by using videos URL signing abilities to protect embedded video.
  • Seamless integration & full support for the JW Player.
  • Quick tags to locate custom players.
  • Support for uploading videos using our custom widget.