The Web Development delivers proper instructions to compile different types of software packages. This is a proper guide for the user to get information about required packages. Most packages are required to be installed in a particular order to fulfill the dependencies of this application. Each software package lists are placed at the top of the required page. The older versions of OS X can be received at the page end. This application will begin with the section named Getting Started. To begin this, the features include Command line tools and Folder structure creation. The source code management is available having different features like OpenSSL, Autoconf, and Git. For a safe production system, a developed environment is designed, and so security is not well considered.


1. Documentation.
2. Image processing.
3. PHP served by Apache.
4. Additional tools.
5. Text Editors
6. Test Environments
7. FTP network.
8. Code Editors.


The Web Development uses command line feature which can be useful for new users. There are so much power and functionality in a single window. Every web developer should keep his software bits in his toolkits. A web developer has his own interface for designing. Some designers prefer Linux OS while other prefer Mac or Windows. The other important points are:

MAMP: It is a very fast way to set up Apache, MySQL, PHP and Macintosh in a similar environment. The time between MAMP downloading and software installing is in few seconds taken by the process. The user will get a fully fledged web testing environment for any PHP applications. It is ended and locked with the PHP extensions such as Zend, and a user will specify easily various caching types such as eAccelerator, XCache or APC.

Database Management: The databases can be managed for casual developer. If anybody wants to install Drupal, then database creation is a necessary thing. The SQL is required for some functions such as adding users, creating a database and creating rows and tables.

Xcode: It is a package of Apple's development. This will download 900mb adds tons of system named mojo that will install slowly to the system. A user will use probably this line. Many development software such as SVN use dependencies.

Isolator: It is not a very difficult application for web developers that are used to block the distractions of a user. It is a free program. This delivers distraction-free interface for programming, writing or anything that attracts the attention of a user. To start/stop the isolator then simply type the command cmd+shift+I or toolbar menu can be used.


This version works with the OS X Yosemite, OS X EI Captain, and Mavericks and utilizes Homebrew like a package manager. Mac OS X is a great platform for web developers, but some features that are essential are switched off to design the OS. These are easy to use for daily tasks and are more secure. Millions of configuration files which are used for editing are not in front of users that are organized in directories. Some important points are;

  1. Homebrew: It is a most popular package manager for OSX. It keeps all types of tools that are required to install on machines and make it up-to-date.
  2. Xcode: It is required to install for few tools to be in working condition.