We love to talk, we love to express ourselves; but often the problem is that we do not get that time in hand. Thanks to our hectic life schedule, we are always busy running around completing our daily tasks. But while managing our daily tasks, we get to learn much from life. We witness several interesting events around us every day. We come across injustice happening to people and in these situations, we crave to express ourselves. We love to share our words and feeling with our friends and family, but little time is left after a hectic day to do so. To help us at this juncture, came the wonderful idea of online social networking and online blogs. These are our world where people from all around the world get together to express their feelings and thoughts. Let us check out today Google view of Posts and Pages of WordPress Website which actually are some of the core elements of our own website.

Posts and pages are very common words in our daily lives. Posts in simple terms can be compared with titles that you can list in the reverse chronological order on your homepage. They appear in widgets and are always tagged with dates. The sticky posts appear first and then the rest appear. They have their own URL where the date is included so that it becomes easy for the viewer to check out the recent posts. If you own a website, you must be adding new posts to your website now and then and to make the process easy, there is a “New Post” button on the toolbar appearing on the top of your screen. This is of the best feature of the WordPress website as it helps to deliver your tasks easy and fast. You can preview posts, schedule them to appear at a later date and classify the posts as per the various available categories. You may even write a post on your email and publish it on your blog. Posting is really a great way to express thoughts easily.

Pages are static as compared to posts. These are used to provide information which has very less probability to change. Pages appear in the page widget and at the tab located at the top of the screen. Pages are never associated with dates and you can never categorize pages or tag them as per their content. But pages have their own unique feature, the best of which are sub-pages can be added to the main page. There are several templates available to modify the look of the pages and you can store a lot of information in pages as several sub-pages can be added to the main page. The prime elements of similarity between Google view of Posts and Pages of WordPress Website are that they both help you to store and share information and both have their own URLs.

Last but not the least, we must be aware when to use pages and when to use posts. We should be using pages to store information that we want our users to view every time they visit our website and use posts to deliver the recent contents and which requires categorization and needs to be tagged. Thus, WordPress Website is an ideal website creator for you and assist you to deliver your thoughts in the way you want.