The ASP.NET Web applications are built to create and customize the websites. The web server is fully authorized and authenticated by ASP.NET applications. The Data Access of ASP.NET web pages is providing information. This website delivers security threats to the ASP.NET applications in a configuration variable. It provides information to create applications for browsers in electronic devices and mobile phones. The XML web services will be accessed by using standard protocols like HTTP. The project settings are handled in Visual Web Developer, which will be created in Visual Studio .NET 2002 or 2003. This format is used to design projects. There are many links such as Digg, Amazon, and Flicker to build the templates. The Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express is to design simple web pages quickly. Despite using IIS for testing the website, file system website projects are applicable to it.


1. Free Scripts.
2. Database connectivity.
3. FTP or Site manager.
4. Free templates.
5. Multimedia functions.
6. Web Development.
7. Website wizard.


Visual Web Developer provides features like web applications, windows services, controls, components, client applications, and tools. The FTP server enables read and writes permissions to design and edit web pages on a server. The local IIS web projects will be applied on the computer that runs by a copy of IIS. The file system websites include on a computer by using network sharing. The ASP.NET web pages and HTML web pages are dynamic pages that involve code and ASP.NET web server controls. The code and controls are available such as images, checkboxes, buttons, list boxes, and buttons. The main points are:

Debugging: The integrated debugger will be used to test pages that enable a user to find errors in the programming code. A user can also start trace which provides the necessary debugging information in every page.

Multi-targeting: A web application can be targeted to a particular version of .NET framework. Visual Web Developer Express has targeted .NET Framework version 4. This feature helps that functionality is used which is available in a specified version of .NET Framework.

Globalization: The resource file is the source from where a user can configure the pages automatically that matches the preferred language of the user.

Deployment: The websites are published to test production servers by using different tools.

Managing state: The Visual Web Developer Express makes enable the user for information storage between page requests, like customer information or shopping cart with contents.


Microsoft Visual Web Developer is an easy way to provide the desired environment, especially for web application development. It delivers platform delivering tools for designing web applications. The overall features of this application are available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and designing of websites. There is a loss of functionality and conversion issues in this application. The important points to remember are:

1. FTP-deployed Websites: By using FTP, the websites can be accessed by a user. This will connect to any FTP server by which user can get read and write permissions. The web pages will be edited and created by a user on the server. FTP installation is not supported by this project, but a user can easily publish these projects on FTP site.
2. Local IIS Websites: The IIS web applications projects are the one that presents on a local computer. It is being used by a local copy of IIS server.