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A website is the most important feature of an organization’s marketing plan. It is the central hub for every user’s messaging efforts and has all marketing materials allocated to the organization. Due to increase in technology related to a website, many tools are generated which will be used in web marketing efforts such as RSS feeds, Blogs and social media. These resources have taken the advantage and hold current web practices which are truly effective. The solutions are customized to fulfill the requirements of the user. According to the designers, three important factors are implemented which are visualization, usability, and functionality. Before the designing has been started, the information of an organization has been gathered to develop the whole process.


1. Website packages.
2. Custom website design.
3. Customized template design.
4. Custom interface design.
5. Custom RSS and XML solutions.
6. WordPress
7. Blogger


Web Designing enclosed various types of disciplines and skills in the website maintenance. The main features include interface design, web graphic design, user experience design, authoring, standardized code and search engine optimization. The main services which should be delivered are:

Social Media Integration: These can be accessed easily and found in plenty of numbers. The tools used are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, which increases the marketing efforts along with the user’s website which acts as a central marketing hub.

Website Maintenance: This is the most valuable service. It helps a user to gain marketing goals, added additional pages and make simple text updates that enhance SEO efforts. The important features of website maintenance are website expansion, website content updates, hosting plan analysis, website audits, and landing page design.

HTML/CSS Development: This feature is considered as the most important feature among all web design projects. Every website will be well organized by using the latest version of HTML and CSS standards. The W3C standards ensure good user experience and groundwork for search engine exposure. The main features are Semantic Coding for SEO and W3C compliant HTML/CSS.

Content Development: The web content development services are provided. The main features involve content planning, sitemap development, writing, keyword analysis and editing.

Blog Design and RSS Integration: The website allows a user to manage content with regular entries written by the company and can be monitored easily by users. Blogs will be famous as it allows a user to update content easily and apply to e-mails and social media campaigns. It provides keyword rich terms and works with organization’s strategy. The important points need to be covered are:

  1. Technologies and Tools: The web designers use various tools that depend on the production process. Technologies of W3C standards are used such as CSS and HTML, which will be created by WYSIWYG editing software.
  2. Page layout: Page layout quality influences the user interface design. A designer can design page layout of different pages of his website. For example, a Fluid layout is an HTML-table-based layout in any type of coding technique.
  3. Typography: Limited number of website typefaces is to be chosen by many websites. Some browsers recognize a particular number of safe fonts in which many complications are avoided by designers. Many website layouts are attached to negative space to split the text into paragraphs, and center-aligned text should also be avoided.

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