In the world of internet, everyone wants to be available on the net by using social networking sites or by their own personal websites. This has given rise to web hosting services that are in being used in a large amount by users.

Inexpensive Web hosting has become useful and profitable as websites present on the Internet that provide us the knowledge for what exactly we are trying to search or what kind of website we want to build.

It also helps in storing web pages in bulk that are made available for visitors on web servers. The availability of plenty of server space is one of the primary aspects of establishing a website. Good bandwidth provided on the server also enables hassle-free functionality of a website.

Higher bandwidth helps in loading the page faster in order to quickly respond to a visitor. India has become a leader in providing various web-based applications among which cheapest web hosting is popular. These services have become an integral part of making websites accessible easily on the Internet.

Linux hosting services are being used widely by business firms using web programming language PHP. Linux web hosting is advantageous as the Linux operating system platform is compatible with the server. These user-friendly services provide a number of benefits by making website administrating easier.

Why is web hosting Linux preferred?

With the help of Linux operating system, we can easily manage things with the help of control panel.  The open source code allows a user to copy the code from web and make changes.

Quality and stability are assured by Linux-based cheapest web hosting which does not depend on bugs. Various files can be stored on the server with the help of inexpensive web hosting services. Enough storage space and ability to process dynamic content are some of the features of these services.

Thus we can say that Linux web hosting is getting into boom which is being used by most of the web hosting companies. Linux is getting into the market again and it has eased the process of web hosting companies.

Linux is a free open source operating system that can be available to anyone. It does not require any licensing fee for other operating systems.

Linux web hosting would be the most economical option for your website if you are interested to do scripting in PHP, MySQL, and Perl. Linux platform is widely used by several people. So there are a majority of people those who are expert in Linux and they are ready to help you out.

There are various online forums, social websites and thousands of blogs which can help you discuss your problem regarding Linux. Linux platform is set up in this way that it runs in separate modules that bent over to one another in a certain order.

If any of those modules breaks down, it shuts down automatically without damaging the run time of other modules. In this condition, Windows system reboots the entire system. Linux is often considered as a highly secure operating system. The end users do not need to worry about the security concern of any of the applications and doing anything on the server.

Web Hosting Linux

Linux was originally developed as a free operating system. It is a leading operating system on servers and other big giant systems such as mainframe computers and supercomputers more than 90% of today’s 500 fastest supercomputers run on Linux, including the top 10 fastest. Linux also runs on mobile phones, tablet computers, network routers, televisions and video game consoles. The most recent is the Android which rests its basis on Linux only.

Pros of Linux Web Hosting :

  • The top advantage of Linux web hosting is of course that it is open source and hence absolutely free
  • Linux web hosting services are lot reliable and stable
  • Linux based web hosting is cheaper and easier to maintain
  • Linux web hosts have the flexibility to use open source goodies.

Pros of Linux Web Hosting :

  • Set up and configuration is difficult in comparison to other web hosting services like Windows Hosting.
  • Linux Web Hosting cannot support Microsoft proprietary coding platforms like ASP .NET and some Microsoft FrontPage extensions and latest offerings.
  • The user-interface is not as friendly as Windows

When we talk about web hosting providers most web hosting providers offer two kinds of hosting: Linux hosting and Windows hosting. In general, Linux hosting refers to shared hosting, the most popular hosting service in the web hosting industry. Nowadays, most of the websites are now hosted using Linux hosting due to its affordable price and flexibility. Linux hosting is compatible with PHP and MYSQL, which supports scripts such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB. If you would like to start a blog with WordPress or set up an online forum using phpBB, then Linux hosting will be a great choice for you.

Linux web hosting has preferred a choice of many developers because of it is considered to be the open source operating system we can change the code and add a program to Linux and for its stability, uptime, speed and Linux are customizable. Linux can boot from either a primary partition or a logical inside as extended partition.Linux uses a normal forward slash. There are various Linux Web Hosting providers in the market but when we have so many choices then we

should go on the features you require, you should pick an appropriate the most affordable and best in features providers. When you pick a Linux Website hosting plan, you must not consider the features that you aren’t really going to use, and rather concentrate only on those things, which are going to be used frequently by you. Here is a list of some most affordable Linux Web Hosting Providers.

Linux Web Site Hosting Softwares:- In the end, there are various Linux web hosting software too to advance a website if a software package will run on a given providers' servers. To that, the following list summarizes the software packages that are installed on Linux hosting server. The list is not a complete representation of all of the software but a user can contact a provider to install a desired one. Some of them are:-

  • Apache v2.2.19
  • PHP v5.3.6w/Zend Optimizer 2.3.0
  • MySql v5.0.92
  • Perl v5.8.8
  • Ruby On Rails v2.3.8.