Managed WordPress Hosting

Advantages of Basic security measures – Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Update Plugins, themes and core WordPress framework to the latest version. An old version leave website vulnerable to hackers. Also, this improves website performance and site loads faster. Updated versions don't have XML-RPC used by hackers to guess usernames and passwords.
  • Security: Use WordPress security plugins like Jetpack or Wordfence. They bring in notice the security issues and deal with them. Protecting the websites behind firewalls, stop hackers and malware and other security threats. Firewall blocks suspicious activities as a sign of hacking.
  • Regular backup: Using Tools -> Export -> All content save the eXtended RSS or WXR file at the local computer. It contains your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.
    Use MySQL dump to create database back. Save wp-config.php and wp-content folder on a remote server or local computer. It's important to take timely backups.
  • Keep changing the passwords at regular intervals. Provide strong passwords that are not easy to crack.
  • It will be a good idea to disable your WordPress theme editor.
  • Disable PHP scripts uploading in the folder ‘uploads'
  • Scan website regularly for malicious software

Need for Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Business owners want to concentrate only on their core business. They don't want any IT hassle and want peace of mind.
  • Businesses or Individuals who do not have the time or does not want to do it
  • Do not have technical expertise or staff

 Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • The provider takes care of maintenance needs of the website. From an update to up-gradations and take care of above mentioned basic security measures.
  • Managed Hosting provider tests plugins and resolves the compatibility issues.
  • Technical experts regularly monitor website to safeguard it against hackers.
  • Scalability: Provider take care of needs as a business grows
  • Provide Brute Force protection: Locks the attacker by banning its IP after several attempts made to log in.

WordPress Vulnerabilities

Sucuri, a security firm has said that those websites which are using JetPack plugin and Twenty Fifteen theme of WordPress are susceptible to attack by hackers. This plugin is being used by at least one million websites. This cross-site scripting vulnerability can be avoided by deleting the example.html file that comes with any package. It is important that WordPress plugins and themes are duly updated and it has been properly configured or else there can be very bad consequences. Even FBI has given out a word of caution against these vulnerabilities.

 Leading Companies using WordPress

Leading brands using WordPress include Nikon, Harvard University, Andy Roddick, Platinum Games, Nokia, Ford and more.