If a company wants to sell it is product and services on the internet then another company is required for fulfilling that requirement which is needed by the company to sell those goods and services and such sort of business termed as Web Hosting E-commerce. It comprises a web server to serve a business's pages, possibly the website design, and the special capabilities needed to accept, process and confirm sales orders. For most eCommerce Web Hosting users, satisfaction based on two primary expectations: reliability and customer service.

Features Of Web Hosting E-commerce

Following are the features of Web Hosting E-commerce:

Server Uptime

No one prefers a site which works slowly exclusively an online store where visitors like to know about lots of products before they stamp a deal. They should have uptime above the 99.9% mark to guarantee quality service.

Data Backup

We have to choose the server providers who back our data at regular intervals. In an e-Commerce site, it is important, when a crash occurs we lose not only the data but also information on the customer transactions which can be catastrophic for your business.

Bandwidth Utilization

We should choose server provider that guarantees us bandwidth use of 30% as this allows us to serve a large number of customers simultaneously.


Another vigorous method of guaranteeing excellent hosting service. Here there are multiple servers in different locations complementing each other. In case one server goes down the other servers continue to cater to the customers without showing any signs of problems in user experience.


It is one of the most important features to look out for when it comes to E-commerce Hosting. Thousands of customers carry out online transactions on our website, and we need to ensure them complete security.

Highly Available DBMS

Must have secure, fast and reliable Database Management system for E-commerce and business application portal. Furthermore, scalable, as the business grows.

Advantages Of Web Hosting E-commerce

The advantages of Web Hosting E-commerce are

We can keep track of all our available products and services through the product catalog that E-commerce hosting sites provide for us.
We can maintain the record of goods taken in and out by the customers through a shopping cart.

E-commerce Hosting Tools

The hosting account comes well-found with one or more registered domain names, as well multiple email accounts, in such a condition, administrative abilities with these email accounts so as to make business email management much more convenient. A good e-commerce hosting provider provides an SSL certificate that encrypts all data sent through our website, thereby protecting the financial information of the owner and the customers.

Web Hosting E-commerce is also very flexible with regards to the features of each plan.

E-commerce Hosting Support Benefits

  • The customer service and support that a host offers can allow a business owner to see considerable expansions in their productivity through an increased confidence and overall ability to improve their website.
  • The access to the site of E-commerce Web Hosting is constant.
  • Due to sharing of the cost of expensive equipment and Internet connections, it proves very effective and affordable.
  • E-commerce Hosting provides rich features in other areas such as disk space, bandwidth allotments, and extra email accounts.

Following are the ways for choosing the Best E-commerce Hosting

E-Commerce – E-Commerce means conducting business online i.e. selling products online, purchasing of products done online, online payment by customers. This is highly needed because, in today’s world, e-commerce hosting is a very common trend, which is acceptable by almost all the companies, to gain competitive advantage.

E-commerce solution is offered by the companies because here they have to incur less cost, than in a physical store. Here customers place their orders online, without any extra cost. It also allows you to operate your site  for 24 hrs a day and for this, you do not need any employee also. It is a cheap source for both owners as well as for customers. With an eCommerce business, you can store products in a warehouse and ship them out before they enter the store.

For the advertising of your website, you need to show your sites in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Altavista and other popular search engines, so whenever customer search anything related to your business, first he or she sees your business website and visit it.

Top Ten Hosting List

For Best E-commerce Hosting, this type of research tool provides the searching application to be hassle-free and less time-consuming.

Best E-Commerce Hosting Providers