What is Secure Cloud Hosting

Nowadays, the cloud is a very common concept. Lots of personal computing tasks now include this cloud technology. Businesses regularly take benefit of cloud services such as Platform as a Service(PaaS), Network as a Service(NaaS), Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) and Software as a Service(SaaS). All these cloud-based services enhance business capabilities without any large investment in software and hardware.
Secure Cloud Hosting is basically put the provision of cloud services in such a manner, created to prevent an attempt to illegally access services or information on the said cloud.

Why there is a need for Secure Cloud Hosting

The biggest reason for using secure cloud hosting is countless threats to the safety of the company’s data and information. You can understand it by this example; attackers have created nasty applications which can dynamically hop ports to pass basic security measures.
Depending on non- secure cloud have a single layer of protection. Security layers in secure cloud hosting service help prevent damage without making it more typical to penetrate security in first place.

Benefits of Secure Cloud Hosting:

Let’s check out some advantages of cloud hosting that can improve security.

Large-scale security- Large-scale implementation is better than small scale. Cloud security server offers services to a large number of companies and businesses. It is economical and simple for them to ensure that system is secure 100% from bugs, hackers, and accidents. Companies can easily adapt all types of defensive measures such as patch management, filtering, and cryptography techniques.

Security as Market demand- Nowadays, everyone needs strong security measures to make sure the protection of important data. Security has become core factor while choosing a cloud provider. Due to this, cloud computing vendors put more emphasis on security from the starting of this technology.

Standardization and Collaboration- Mostly servers will be kept and owned by service providers instead of individual companies. Due to this, chances for collaboration and standardization for improving security will increase. This will result in more open, uniform and readily available security services market.

Scaling of Resources- Secure cloud hosting providers can relocate data and resources for traffic controlling, encryption, filtering, verification and other security measures. This will provide more flexibility against security threats.

Concentrated Resources- Concentration of resources is generally hazardous to security. However, at the same time, this will lead to improving security by other methods. It offers service providers cheaper physical access and security control. Saved resources in terms of money, location and time, can be reallocated to better security.

Investigation and Gathering- Secure cloud hosting provide fast evidence for investigation purpose. There is no need to turn down your system. Users can store logs, increasing performance and allowing comprehensive logging.

Secure Cloud Hosting Companies:

Some popular secure cloud hosting companies are listed below:

SalesForce- Very popular and strong market leader has created around 105000 cloud computing applications. The company develops applications which allow running social media communication in real time. They have effectively integrated enterprise CRM solutions over cloud platform.

Verizon- Most famous cloud platform. This provider attracts corporate attention along with a release of new cloud computing platform. They also provide single enterprise solutions for small businesses.

Amazon- AWS has introduced a lot of security protocols in the online market. From the last three years, a company has offered more advanced security measures in IT sector. After implementation of advanced protection algorithms, there is a reduction of data theft and identity.

Rackspace- Presently, around 170000 users and 80000 servers around the world are using Rackspace services. They are one of the fastest growing cloud companies globally. Apart from individual hosting services, Rackspace also offers customer along with hybrid security program and database management tools.

Final Verdict:

Overall, secure cloud hosting continues to increase major role for nonprofits and IT systems as well. Due to rapid change in technology, a more advanced cloud tool has developed. Using secure cloud services is a major part of developing business capabilities, protection of business information and clients as well. To cope up with the market, best cloud computing services has offered by the companies.