The term “host” is used for any computer which has full two-way access to other computers on the Internet. A host computer has a specific “local or host number” which together with the network number, forms its unique IP address.

Email Hosting

An email hosting service is an Internet hosting service which operates with email servers. Email hosting services mainly provide a premium email. It is different from typical end-user email providers, like – webmail sites.

Encrypted Email

Encrypted email is a way of keeping the content of your email safe from eavesdropping. It bounces around the internet. The most common type of encryption is OpenPGP. PGP is “Pretty Good Privacy” and is proprietary, GPG is GNU Privacy Guard, and it is free software.

Email Hosting Service

Email hosting service mostly provides demanding email users and small & medium-sized (SME) businesses. Whereas larger enterprises mostly run their own email hosting service on their own equipment by using software, like – Postfix or Microsoft Exchange. Hosting providers manage a user's own domain name that includes email authentication scheme that the domain owner wishes to enforce to convey the meaning which uses a specific domain name identifies and qualifies email senders.
Mainly email hosting providers offer the facility of advanced premium email solutions which is hosted on dedicated custom email platforms. The technology and offerings of different email hosting providers vary with different needs. The email offered by most web hosting companies is usually more basic standardized POP3 based email. Moreover, webmail relies on open source webmail applications like RoundCube, Horde or SquirrelMail. Most web hosting providers offer standard email hosting facility.

Email Hosting Service Features

Email Hosting Service offers various features; some of them are – unmatched support, more choices, deep expertise, web-based email, mobile support, unified approach, easy collaboration and many more. Email hosting service makes it easier to communicate, with your teams and it, get things done with a wide choice of industry-leading email and productivity solutions. Its team productivity specialists help you to choose, deploy and manage your email solution.

Email Hosting Solution

Email hosting solution can create and manage an unlimited number of personalized email accounts which is based on your domain. They add various in-house and third-party developed solutions to guarantee you a spam-free, secure, and fast email experience. They make sure that both your email and website run smoothly on their servers and they help you to support your website safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else. Email hosting solution offers you the facility of – email at your domain name, use with secure protocols, great email tutorials, free email accounts, considerably less spam, 24/7 technical support over phone/chat / ticket, easy email management, the variety of webmail clients and many more.

Most Secure Email Host

There are few reputed most secure email hosting companies available in the market. They offer the facility of – email optimizations on a server level, amazing support team, email mailbox access, secure email protocols, built-in anti-Spam solutions, easy email management from cPanel and many more.
Most Secure Email Host has a list of plans for beginners to professionals. You can choose any of the plans as per your need & budget. They also offer the facility of a customized package. These hosting companies help you to secure your email, data & privacy.