Linux is an open-source system. It is very cheap to operate. It is known for scalability, stability, and speed. It also supports different types of applications, software and programming languages including Perl, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Linux hosting is suited to all the servers, whether dedicated servers, VPS or cloud servers.

How Linux Hosting In Terms of the following
  1. Security- Linux hosting is more secure as Linux is based on UNIX, which is a multi-user operating system. Viruses and malware also attack less on Linux and is frequently fixed by its developers and users. Linux system administrator has a clear view of files and is under control.
  2. Stability- In terms of stability, Linux has the ability to run for several years, without any kind of failure. It is good for individuals; small as well as medium-sized business and can run various processes at a time, much better than Windows. Even, there is no need to restart Linux, whereas it is required in Windows.
  3. Hardware- Linux is scalable and flexible, and it can perform on any computer, without considering the processor. As per the services required for business, Linux can be reconfigured, which improves performance also.
  4. Support- Linux has big three commercial providers Red Hat, Novell, and Canonical, which offers 24 hrs support for their clients business services and critical applications. It also provides support to the business that is standardized on .NET web technology.
  5. Total cost- Linux is generally free, which means it is free of patents and free from other restrictions. Overall, Linux hosting is considered as a viable option.
  6. Uptime- Linux hosting offers a high uptime guarantee. It means Linux may support all the service requirements of users.
  7. Updates- Linux provides new, improved versions in every six months and long-term support versions in every two years. It also offers regular updates of its packages and sources several times in every year and security fixes as per the requirement.
  8. Administrators- Administrators of UNIX cannot easily switch to Linux, because Linux is not very much same as UNIX. File system layout look like Linux looks commercial version of UNIX. Linux also uses a standard set of UNIX commands. There are some Linux commands which do not transfer, and this also applies to any version of UNIX.
  9. A worldwide community of developers-Worldwide community of developers who contribute to the source code, security fixes, and system enhancements always provide support to the Linux. Linux users get the free support through forums and community sites, and they also get the peace of mind from a distributed community, because there's no single source and single point of failure for Linux support or development.
  10. Linux foundation-Linux Foundation, a corporate collection of platinum supporters (Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, Novell, and Oracle) is considered as a positive sign for Linux users and adopters because its presence assures that Linux is developed on the continuous basis. This foundation also contains members who sponsor Linux Torvalds through donations and membership dues and others who work on Linux full time. Behind this, their main objective is to “promote, provide safety and standardize Linux to encourage its growth around the world.” It is the primary source for all things Linux.
Advantages of Linux Hosting
  1. Linux Hosting provides multiple options to fulfill the hosting needs.
  2. It provides reliability, reasonability, security, efficiency, and much more.
  3. PHP is considered to be one of the most popular languages for programming, and the good thing is this that it is compatible with Linux web hosting.
  4. Proprietary software’s are not installed and due to this overhead expenses are reduced in Linux hosting.
  5. People who are learning to a program may test new things with the help of Linux hosting.
  6. Linux hosting is very cheap and affordable.
  7. With Linux hosting, User does not need to run Linux on his PC to host his website on the Linux platform. Which OS you run on your computer does not matter; even if you are running Windows XP, you can still use Linux to run your website.
 Disadvantages of Linux Hosting
  1. With Linux hosting, a user may not get proper support with updations on daily basis.
  2. Linux is a little bit complicated, not simple and easy to use. It is not having a user-friendly interface, so sometimes users are not much compatible with it.
  3. It does not provide an option of using popular Microsoft tools & technologies such as MS FrontPage, MS Access, and MS SQL as per the need of the users.
  4. Websites which are designed for the Windows-based application, for them Linux hosting is not a good option because it is not compatible with Windows applications and the coding conversions.