This was first created by David Heinemeier Hansson and was released in 2003. Rails are a development tool which provides a framework, a structure for the codes. Ruby on Rails (RoR) adapts Ruby so that it can be used for rapid development, or, in other words, getting things done and created very quickly. Furthermore, while Ruby is a general purpose programming language, Ruby on Rails is designed to be a web programming language. This makes web-specific tasks much easier. Ruby on Rails hosting can expand the capabilities of your website. Every programming language has its advantages, and Ruby on Rails is no exception. By utilizing a variety of programming languages, you can get more unique things done on your website in the most efficient way.

Ruby on Rails is very popular and widely used among the developers of websites because of its grace and straightforwardness of the language. This works on the principle CoC (Convention over Configuration), in which the programmers need to write new codes only in the areas where the application differs from the standard code. Ruby on Rails is on demand because it is much faster than the other languages and framework. This is due to the CoC and also the object-oriented structure of Ruby language. The Ruby on Rails also work on DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) concept which makes building websites fun and less time-consuming. Like many other frameworks, Ruby on Rails works on Model-View-Controller pattern. This pattern will separate the web application into three sections – ‘model' is responsible for all the interactions with database, ‘controller' handles all the web server interactions and ‘view' shows the HTML codes that will be displayed in the browser. With all these features, building a website or a web application in Ruby on Rails is nearly effortless and takes minimum codes to complete a website than in other frameworks.

Performance monitoring is one of the most amazing features of Rails. RoR is loaded with start-ups, which makes things easier for the programmer. The programmer can check his application progress from time to time because of this feature. Scout and New Relic are some of the superior applications. RoR is now well known for providing consistent, unswerving and dependable web hosting to its programmers.