Ever Changing Online World and IT – As we all know, in today’s world, the thing which is changing frequently and continuously is technology, results in changing an online world and IT. If we see the strategies, hardware or software which were using by us in our daily life around 6-7 Years ago are not even seen anywhere, instead they are replaced by latest technology software’s and strategies. Almost every day we see some major and some minor changes occurring in the online world as technology is updating very frequently and makes life easy as well as complicated for a normal human being as well as for a businessman or an entrepreneur.

If we talk from a businessperson, today online business occupies a prominent position in the world and attract max no. of people towards itself, so as to grow your business and prosper it is essential always to be updated with the latest technology and resources.

For this, here given some relevant trends of online marketing that one should consider or pay attention towards them if he or she wishes to see their business continuously grow and want to be successful.

  1. Content Marketing: It is not a new term for us. We heard about this earlier also as it was in the trend list of internet marketing since 2012. Content marketing is a technique or method of marketing which mainly used the content such as pictures, blogs, videos, webinars, audios, online books, etc. to attract highly targeted potential customers to a great no.
  2. Social Media: We don’t go so much back. It was only two years ago when Social media occupied an important place in 2013. And since then it was continuously growing. Social media helps you to be in touch and maintain a regular connection with your customers and to reach them in large no. Beyond your expectations. But with this advantage, there is a limitation and that everything is not free for you, so as social media or social networking websites. If we talk about Facebook, they will say that if you wish to see your stuff, then your business should pay for it. Modern Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer their paid promotion programs. And soon Google+ will also follow them. So, it is advisable for the advertising of your business one must focus on social media as it helps you to attract max no .of customers towards your business.
  3. Go Mobile: Mobile phone again the thing or equipment seen today is in almost everyone’s hand including children’s. According to the statistics, 91% of the people are using the mobile phones on earth and 50% of them using them as the primary source of web or internet. In June 2013, according to the report of Neilsen, in US 61% of the people are using smartphones which are more than 10% increase since 2012. If we talk about India, here almost 80% of the people are using smart phones, and now internet becomes a regular part of their lives. So, mobile also considered as an important online marketing trend.
  4. Video Marketing: Video Marketing is another method of marketing of products and services and since 2012 big no .of online marketers are using this technique. Organizations have created videos or demos which show people the usage of product or service or the manner in which people can use them and other things which a general consumer wants to know. With the marketing of goods, it also helps in generating max traffic and develop a list of emails.
    In 2014, Video Marketing listed as one of the top digital marketing trends. Anita Loomba believes that to satisfy the customer message should be duly conveyed to them. And if a video used for the same, then it can prove ten times more efficient than other forms of content and to develop access and share the videos on mobiles, apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Vine plays an important role. Platform for mobile ads has also been introduced and improved by Facebook.