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Wine Is Not an Emulator – WINE

The WINE compatibility layer designed for Unix-like OSes enables Linux and macOS systems to run Windows applications like graphic-intensive games. Wine software library, Winelib, using which developers can compile Windows applications to help port them to Unix-like systems.
Download Link available on,  as a free and open-source

Configuration Tool

Open a window for Applications, Libraries (DLLSelection), Audio (Sound drivers), Desktop integration, and Graphics.
From the Application panel, the user can select the version of Windows an application designed for.

The Drives panel list detected partitions as well as windows emulated drives as .wine/drive_c. The Linux file system listed as Z: drive.
Once configured WINE will set up .wine directory on the user's home directory, within that directory drive_c directory is there as C: holding Windows and Program Files subdirectories. The Windows directory contains System and System32 directories, where DLL files placed.
The Program files directory holds installed windows programs and icons for them appear on the desktop.

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