Why you might need an email client

In today's times, if one were to say that he is planning to buy an email software, anyone would put a question mark to that decision. It would be easy to pick any one of the umpteen free options available nowadays for free email and collaborations. Any small business would get sufficient services and features from these free email solutions and it will mean saving a lot of money. Also, it would be convenient and one can do away with the need for an in-house mail server. These free or low priced email solutions are also capable to provide you with an email address that will bear your company's name in it.


With these free email solutions providing you with almost all that you require, why would anyone want to buy one? It is definitely going to cost way more. And also there will be a persistent requirement to keep it error free and updated. The answer to this question is that not all businesses are the same and so are not all the requirements. There can be a business for which it might be necessary to get premium security as far as their email content is concerned. They cannot, at any cost, afford to have the security of their email transactions compromised or leaked or known to any third party. Such businesses need to buy specific email solution which promises tight security. Free services like Google have clearly mentioned in their fine prints that everything that is posted on or through Gmail is their property and can be read/ used by them. A security sensitive business cannot use them. It will be a good idea to put in some investment and get a good email solution if your business too cannot afford to get its email security compromised.

Contractual Obligations

Whenever you go ahead and buy an email solution, it is extremely necessary to read the fine prints of the contract properly. You are putting in a lot of money and at the end of the day, you should not feel fooled or cheated. Ensure that the contract clearly states that all your specific requirements will be met and that all the features that you need will be there. Also, ensure that it does not limit or cap any service or feature. Anything thing that is unclear or ambiguous should be discussed beforehand and clarified and modified if required.


Every business stream or industry how so ever small it might be, does have its own guidelines and norms. There are set standards which everybody who belongs to that industry should meet and should abide by the rules. Having an email and using will also be affected by these rules. When you go to pick your email solution you have to take into considerations the norms specific to your business and you will have to choose accordingly. You do not have a free say there and it will indeed be an intelligent decision to go along with the flow. You have to carefully pick what you will use as your email solution so that it complies to the industry standards.


There is no doubt that free email service providers like Google, Yahoo! or Outlook are very popular and millions of people use them without any problem. They are popular and are free. But before you decide to start using them for your business you need to ensure that it will not create any major concerns for you like security or compliance. If you feel so then there are any number of companies who will provide you exactly the email solution that you require as per your industry standard. Do not hesitate in picking up the right one and go ahead!