Worried about How to renew an expired SSL certificate…check out some easy ways

No one can deny the fact that our main concern when we visit online websites enter our credit and debit card details for net banking or online shopping or share our photos and videos on social networking sites is security. Since the advent of internet and its popularity we have been threatened by hackers and security issues. The best way to curve these issues would have been never to share our personal and professional data online; but that is not possible for us.

The first thing that hits our mind is that what a SSL certificate is. To explain in brief, we all know that when we enter any webpage URL in our browser, the browser instantly asks for a certificate of secure page. The web server enters its public key with its certificate and then the browser checks whether the certificate is from a trusted party and if it from a trusted party opens the page. This complete work is done via a protocol known as the Secure Socket Layer Protocol. Websites must renew their certificates after each period of time after the validity of their certificate expires, else it will be tough for them to continue business in the web world.

Some of us who are new bees in the web world are not aware about How to renew an expired SSL certificate. The steps are very easy and you will always find online FAQs related to the same. You may need to generate a new CSR for the purpose. The first step that you need to follow is that you must log in your “DigiCert Management Console.” You get a “My Orders” tab from where you need to select the renew button and enter your certificate details. The console quickly verifies your details and checks whether you have made any alterations in your existing details in the CSR. If you have made any changes, you need to provide a documentation of the same as well. After approval, the certificate is sent to the certificate contact through email or may even download the same in your console. The part of getting a new certificate ends here.

The next step is to install the certificate in your website. It is always advised to install the new certificate properly prior to uninstalling the old certificate. You should always keep the backup of the original system generated and self signed certificate. The removal of the same makes your website unstable. While renewing this certificate, you must keep in mind that you have to renew it upto 90 days before expiration.

Most of the multinational organizations are heavily dependant on web for their daily interactions with their employees and clients, we are most of the times not in a position to keep regular contact with our friends and relatives due to job pressure and hence we need to socialize online; and last but not the last, the tempting online shopping is too tough to be avoided. Thus, keeping all our needs and wishes in mind, SSL certificate has been developed to secure us and hence its renewal is very crucial to keep your website running without any hindrance.