Be it comics or movies…PHP-Nuke is there to help you

The Internet is not only a modem for business and corporate communication but also hugely popular among people who are looking for entertainment. Sitting at home idle, reading books with homely comfort is a story of past now. We are living in a hectic world now, life has turned busy. Now we read books on the go; laugh reading comics on the go and watch movies on the go as well. All these are possible because of the great software advancements that we are going through. PHP-Nuke is such an essential application which you need to develop any comic, movie or novels online which are popularly known as e-books.

PHP-Nuke is a flexible content management system that assists you in creating an impressive and dynamic website. The prime feature of this application is that it helps you to manage a website with hundreds of users as simply as you can manage a small website. Changes in this application can be made only by an administrator. You can change themes as frequently as you wish or may add functions as per requirement, but everything can be done just by an administrator login. Thus, you can always be assured that using this application shuns any possibility of unwanted interruption and edit of your content and website. You can install modules, blocks, and themes as needed. A forum can be added to make the website interactive. PHP-Nuke menus are editable by the administrator and hence help you in easily adding and removing content from the menu.

Many users prefer to check products online but buy it only after contacting the owner by calls or emails. PHP-Nuke lets you add a contact form to your website so that the users may inform you their query and issues and you may respond them back. This makes the website more responsive and enhances customer satisfaction. This software is also used to build up traditional blog websites. You can segregate your content and template as well. This enables you to change the template more frequently without affecting the content. Another crucial purpose that is accomplished by using this software is that it keeps your website stable and secure. Online transactions and interactions are threatened by hacking and other issues, which are looked after by this application. You may also add RSS newsfeed from another site in your website via this application and this addition is as simple as adding a new block.

Installation of PHP-Nuke is made easy and simple with the availability of several online tutorials. This software is an updated version of PHP-Nuke and guarantees more stability and security, as you can allow limited access to users and can create groups in each different module. It supports several languages and can be displayed on any browser supporting HTML transitional compliance. This is a very apt application not only for individual use but also for corporate and business houses. Thus, switch to this great application to run your website with ease with a huge number of users and visitors.