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SEO advantages offered by Dedicated IP address

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is science and art both. As the higher search rank of Google, there are more chances of people to see a listing. Hence, they visit user's site and products and services will be purchased. For higher ranking provided, many SEO experts experiments with each characteristic of websites and hosting to make exactly benefits of a website which ranks them higher and what can be done to neglect decrease in ranking. One field of intense advise is to focus benefits of websites from Dedicated IP address instead of Shared IP address.

HTTP/1.1 allow Virtual or Shared IP Hosting. All the domains are registered with the web server on the same IP. Web Server finds the correct web site by the domain name. Such hosting was created to make up for the lack of IP addresses.

IP address

An IP address is an identification number assigned to a device (e.g. a computer or a printer) connected to the Internet can be a PC, a laptop, web host server, and a mobile device and has a unique IP address.IP stands for Internet Protocol, the most popular open-system protocol used to communicate across any sets of interconnected networks including Local Area Networks (LAN) or Wide Area Networks (WAN). It is a collection of 4 number string, begins at 0 and ends up to 255. An IP address consists of 4 sets of 8-bit numbers (octet) with a total of 32-bits, each separated by a dot (.). For each of the 4 sets of octets in an IP address, the maximum possible value is 255 (representing an octet containing all ones). It will look like:-

 The IP address is used to connect to the device via communication protocols such as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or Internet Protocol (IP).
Assigning of IP addresses for server and devices connected to the internet is governed by organizations such as ARIN (United States), RIPE NCC (Europe) and APNIC (Asia Pacific) so that no duplicate IP addresses are assigned.

Above code helps to identify machine currently using. After identification, data sent on the Internet means large a number of websites can be accessed by user offering by the Internet.

Shared IP address

Web host uses a server to host website is a single machine with single IP address. At given time, a server can host thousands of websites in shared web hosting. Single IP address allocated to host’s server recognizes all these websites.

hared IP is used by more than one virtual hosts. This approach is known as name-based Virtual Host Support, as opposed to the traditional IP-based Virtual Host approach. The traditional approach is hard to implement on some machines, so Shared IP is used to avoid assigning a dedicated IP address to every virtual host.

The benefits of using the new name-based virtual host support are:

The main disadvantage is that the client must support this part of the protocol. Also, which is critical for Control Panel, shared IP does not allow to create FTP Virtual Hosts.

Dedicated IP address

If anyone has own server and one website only on that server then IP address is dedicated by default. On a particular server, more than one site resides usually. The dedicated IP address is an IP address which is allocated to a server for the single website instead of the machine itself.

Dedicated IP is a paid service. You need a Dedicated IP to create Virtual FTP. This service uses SSL on your web server. Switching back from Dedicated IP to Shared IP will remove any of your FTP and SSL resources.

By default, every domain has a Shared IP. Shared IP is free. You can change the type of IP at any time as you work with the system. To change the type of the IP, click the Change to Shared/Dedicated IP link in the Edit Domain page.

For what Dedicated IP addresses

Dedicated IP addresses are mostly used on larger e-commerce websites for secure encryption. It means sensitive data is stored such as credit card numbers. According to many people, it is more advantageous that a website has its own IP address regarding SEO rather than hundreds of website sharing same IP address.

Is it beneficial having own IP address of website as concerned with SEO?

Speed : In some cases, dedicated IP address can be beneficial for SEO. To a single server, thousands of shared hosting is added. It means websites will have some sharing resources with that sites which will be more successful than its own. Resultant, those sites might slow down the website. As a site is slower, Google's ranking further goes down. Unique IP address is added to a website doesn't mean fast loading but it will be migrated to Dedicated Server having Dedicated IP address. Therefore, instead of adding Dedicated IP address of a website on a shared server, a site will be moved to website hosting machine. It gives dedicated IP address to a website and pays dividends. Website of a client will be more reliable, secure and faster.

SSL: Google has started to give preferences to that website which have added SSL 2048-bit key certificate. Website URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS. Unique IP addresses are utilized by SSL sites. However, Google has advised some changes in terms of SSL, affecting search less than 1%. It is still authorized SEO benefit. Encryption of website visits is done by SEO. A website that store sensitive information utilizes SSL. A website will be more visible by SSL through public networks and websites can operate fast. It means website might be hit by more visitors and operates more quickly in concern with Google causing higher placements.

Malware: Shared hosting is utilized by a server which can port thousands of websites and some sites containing malware. Some observed that user IP address is shared by those sites, so that website will be recognized as ‘bad neighborhood' residence and as concerned with search ranking it will be penalized. Dedicated IP address will be more beneficial in these cases and again move a website to a reliable server and web host.

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