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PLAVVY software

Software Intecracy, IT Company based at UK has developed and presented a revolutionary PLAVVY software platform last year, a new platform meant for high performance. This software is presented at the office of the Volia Software U.S for rapid web-based application development. Full development cycle started from the description of the domain model to automatically generated user interface is supported by PLAVVY platform.
As per the presentation, it is known that this new platform is very helpful for the IT professionals as it allows them to develop solutions in a very fast, cheaper and effective way as compared to the traditional approach. The range of tasks PLAVVY solves is almost unlimited. It also includes the collaboration infrastructure development such as centralized file storage, business process management, single window, business intelligence solutions and service-oriented architectures, as well as many other particular business tasks.
PLAVVY platform has various other advantages also such as it supports the full documents life cycle begin with the preparation of documents of the project and templates to storage of documents  ensuring the functions of an electronic archive. It also allows creating systems which are document based and relevant to ECM concepts (Enterprise Content Management).
Software Intecracy specialists, an international consortium of Information & Communication Technology companies worked on the localization of platform and its adaptation in order to meet the needs of the Ukrainian legislation by the order of Ukrainian partnering company. As a result of work, UnityBase is created as a new solution. When UnityBase was implemented it results in the the electronic document management system of the new generation – UnityBase.M3.
The PLAVVY platform has various advantages such as:
High level of performance- PLAVVY platform offers high level of industrial performance. At the time of presentation, company’s specialists offer an example of embedded solution.
Low costs- The platform is based on the “rapid application development – RAD” concept and for this low development cost incurred.
Storage of files- It allows to store files in the database and in the file system. Around 50 different formats of file conversion are supported by the platform.
Accessibility- System can be access anywhere due to the integrated mobile client.
Support- For creating applications using a web-interface, the platform offers full support for cloud technologies.
Reuse of code- Platform includes ready-to-use modules, including “administration”, “organizational structure”, “directories” , (more than 50 different types – contractors, banks, people and so on), workflow and many more.
Globalization- Full localization of applications and data is supported by the PLAVVY platform. As Interface languages ??and data are tie up with the user which leads them to simultaneously use the system from different language groups.
Safety and administration- The platform allows you to access to various information and functionality on the basis of the structure of the organization, role of the users and other access policies. For ensuring safety and to authenticate the users various mechanisms are used including integration with LDAP support of Kerberos, two-factor authentication and authorization on the basis of electronic digital signature (EDS). The platform provides optional encryption of traffic between client and server using elliptical cryptography tools.
As the Gartner Group said, “Corporations are now finding that work organized stepwise incurs unavoidable delays and errors as paper is handed off from person to person and unit to unit…IT is the single most powerful tool for breaking traditional assumptions and rules about business, and it is the tool that makes new ways of operation possible.” The company can support its own statement “the most revolutionary and successful change in IT business practices today is the rapid application development’ after the PLAVVY platform has been presented.
Software Intecracy is an IT consulting firm based at UK offers full range of IT capabilities to a variety of IT business situations. It was established in the year 2007 and its headquarters are situated at Luton, England. Intecracy Group Consortium, an international consortium of companies working in Information & Communication Technology has various members and Software Intecracy is one of its members. The company’s customers are situated at various locations such as U.S., UK, DACH countries as well as Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

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