The Web Development Courses are available for users to create the unique website. These courses bring speed in building the own website of a user. This course is available free on online. The free course involves training in technology and design as well as in programming language also. Many courses bear software requirements, and most programs are free which are available through links on its correspondence website. The website video includes many features such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, which are highlighted in the particular chapters. The organization named The University of Michigan delivers an introduction to web design, free online courses that help users to grasp about languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. There is a link to Mozilla Thimble App is involved so that any student can make practice in designing his own website.


1. Media Programming.
2. Introduction to web design
3. Web Development
4. Building an Online Business.
5. JavaScript Application Programming.
6. Responsive Images.
7. Designing RESTful APIs


Different universities and organizations are available to provide online courses in many languages. These languages make easy platform and tutorials to the user in which many additional resources are available. In these courses, the graphic designing course is present in which the work of a graphic designer is mentioned. The videos and images are created with the help of Graphic Designer. The designer gives outstanding impact on the website to enhance its appearance. Many services are provided which are as under:

Building High Conversion Web Forms: The conversion should be increased with good practices for efficient and fast forms. The user can easily learn that how can a user build and design web forms on any type of device.

Web Tooling and Automation: User will learn about the environment development and can save time and effort with optimization.

Object-Oriented JavaScript: Many varieties of JavaScript objects are available and search the inheritance model that affect user app’s in-memory model. A user will gain modularity and simplicity in his own designed code.

Introduction to Relational Databases: It is a very strong tool that is used throughout the whole industry. A user can easily learn SQL basics and connection to Python code to this feature.

Configuring Linux Web Servers: It behaves as a data-driven web application that will secure and configure an Ubuntu Linux web application server.


The web development courses enhance the job of users. There is a demand for Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Multimedia Designer in a market to create any website. So, any user can be the most demanding professional by learning the courses. Many organizations are available providing web development courses which are as below:

  1. Flash from Utah State University: In this course, a user can learn Flash and how it can be used in website making. It enhances its features to make an outstanding look.
  2. Java Programming from Sofia Open Content: It offers a non-credit and free course in Java Programming. This course provides information about Java via 14 assignments, lessons, and resources.
  3. HTML from Utah State University: A student can learn that how HTML can be applied to website development. This is used to create backgrounds, colors, graphics, forms, and tags to implement properly in designing part. Students learn via assignments, final project and quizzes included in these courses.