Rising as a free web hosting company in 2004, Pandela nowadays provides a rich-featured First-rate Web Hosting provider, powered by their own built web hosting control panel – NextGenCP. Utilizing latest Internet technologies, NextGenCP gets actually smooth and comfortable to function environment, made especially for their web hosting clients.

It doesn't matter, if you are novice or a skilled, all action is user-friendly to the upper limit, and you will be able to complete everything with no more than three clicks by your mouse. Pandela.com started as a free hosting service, because this was the best way to beta test its system and control panel in real live environment and to gather valuable feedback from webmasters of various websites. After many improvements and suggestions by its users, Pandela now offers paid hosting services.

Pandela web hosting solutions is one of the most innovative web hosting companies on the market. Pandela offers both free and premium web hosting for its clients, both reliable as one would like it to be. The control panel is developed by Pandela LLC and is one of the most powerful web hosting control panels I have ever seen. The thing I like the most about it is that it works extremely fast compared to most modern control panels. Everything is well organized and placed just where you want it to be. The control panel gives you full control over your web hosting account, from there you can manage everything, register domains, add new websites, manage email accounts, fFTP databases, install scripts in just 3 clicks and much more. There is an impressive set of site tools such as password protection, ip blocking, hotlink protection, mime types, redirects and more. The control panel is very easy to navigate even for a first time user.
Pandela Ideally fit for both individuals and small as well as medium enterprises, Pandela’s VPS web hosting packages provides best evaluate for money. There is flexibility as well as privacy with entire root access. In the current economic scenario, someone has to optimize like never earlier.